Remembering the much beloved Tony Cozier

Michelle McDonald, a consummate writer and an ardent cricket lover, pens a touching memoir of one of the best cricket commentators of all time.

Remembering the much beloved Tony Cozier

Tony Cozier Photo

I came to the cricket party late, not having paid attention to the game until in my late teens and even then, I watched cricket live more than I listened to it. So I didn’t grow up on Tony Cozier’s radio commentary, like long standing cricket fans did. But once I started listening to the radio during away tours, his stints were the ones I looked forward to.

Then, once I started to dabble in cricket journalism in 2003, I looked forward to reading his articles. He seemed to make the words dance on the page. You could visualise the sword being slowly turned in the West Indies Cricket Board’s side when he chose to write with his scathing pen. Sometimes the articles were dramatic, especially when he was predicting gloom and doom. Other times, he took out the happy pen. As a budding writer, I took note.

Not known for being timid to speak his mind,  he stated,

quote marksYou have to. If you do not, your credibility is shot.”


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