Real Real Reggae Radio Caring for the Less Fortunate at Christmas

Judy British, president of Real Reggae Radio, and the entire staff  were overwhelmed by the support received last Christmas.  A total of 250 persons were fed at the Christmas Dinner in 2011. Accordingly, they have taken the step to make this an annual event. The Dinner will be served on Christmas Day at the Seaton House 339 George St, (Gerrard St and Yonge St), Toronto, Canada from 11am until 4pm.

She states, “We took our community service a step further last year by preparing a Christmas dinner and spreading our love for the less fortunate in a downtown location so, we have decided to make this an annual event. Christmas is a time when families and friends get together to celebrate and enjoy the joys that this holiday brings to each and every heart whether we have a family to celebrate with or not.”
Real Reggae Radio’s management and staff have embraced the concept of sharing and caring. They too believe that the less fortunate should also be loved and cared for especially during the Christmas season and invites the public to participate in this effort.
If you would like to help please call 416-899-1452 or send an email to:
About Real Reggae Radio
Real Reggae Radio is an online radio station that has been in operation for the past four years. The station has covered many Reggae events and interviewed performers within Canada and has plans for media coverage in other parts of the world.




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