Puss Gone Rat Teck Charge

Beltsville, Maryland, September 11, 2012 – Jamaica’s highly acclaimed Pablo Hoilett takes his award winning play, Puss Gone Rat Teck Charge, to Maryland for the first time. The play will be presented on October 7, 2012 at the High Point High School in Beltsville, Maryland at 6:00 pm. This play formerly called, When The Cat’s Away, won the International Theatre Institute‘s Actor Boy Award, for the best comedy in 1998.

This hilarious comedy stars Winston ‘Bello’ Bell from the Bello & Blacka comedy duo. The star-studded cast also includes Cleve ‘Chu Chu’ Warren (from Passa Passa fame), Rosemarie Murray, Dainty Bellanfantie, Calvin Morris (Mass Jasper of Lime Tree Lane), Pamella Bennett, and Marshaire Leach.

This cleverly written and expertly directed play binds the characters, the situations, and the means by which they find solutions into a cohesive unit of incessant laughter.  Puss Gone Rat Teck Charge is infused with comedy, suspense, laughter, and is richly entertaining. Mervyn Morris, a highly respected Jamaican theatre critic, stated, “I laughed and laughed, like the rest of the audience.”

This extremely hilarious play depicts Winston Bell (Humphrey) as a womanizer whose wife, Mildred (Rosemarie Murray), goes on vacation. He uses his wife’s absence to influence his brother-in-law George (Calvin Morris) into having a salacious weekend encounter with Shirley (Pamella Bennett). However, pandemonium reigns when Mildred returns home unexpectedly.

Puss Gone Rat Teck Charge is filled with light-hearted and tasteful entertainment that has been enjoyed by patrons in England, Canada, USA, and the Caribbean. The price of admission is $30 in advance and information for ticket outlets can be obtained by calling 301-440-6132.

Earl Walker, President of E & W Shipping who has been instrumental in presenting popular theatrical plays to the Washington, DC Metro area, states, “This is one of the funniest plays to come out of Jamaica. I encourage you to come and have some of the laughs.”

Contact::  Earl Walker – 301.440.6132  –  earl_shipping@yahoo.com



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