Pumeza Matshikiza – A Voice From Cape Town to Abbey Road

Published as: Pumeza Matshikiza: Township girl to opera diva
By Earl Nurse and Jenny Soffel, for CNN – Source

"South African soprano Pumeza Matshikiza is one of the freshest voices in opera and is recording her debut album," Decca Classics.

According to London (CNN) — Abbey Road Studios in London is where The Beatles produced some of their classic records. It's a long way from the Cape Town townships where Pumeza Matshikiza grew up, but this is where the South African soprano is recording her debut album.

Read about Pumeza's journey and her accomplishments. She is another person who symbolises the the benefits of freedom.  Reflecting on her childhood in the article she says,"Cape Town was very hard because it was during Apartheid with black South Africans put in a very awkward position and discriminated against,"   Read complete articel here!

Pumeza MatshikizaImage Courtesy Decca Classica



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