Proposal for a true, vital and free Cuba

Cuba deserves more than hope, Cuba deserves life, freedom, peace, and justice. We could be its immediate protagonists

Proposal for a true, vital and free Cuba

Cuban exiles march in Miami “for a free Cuba” (

PARIS, France.- This proposal was written in 2012 and revised on numerous occasions. This is one of them. I always come back to the subject, which is more for Cubans. For more than 60 years Cuba has been dominated by the totalitarian regime of the Fidel brothers and Raúl Castro, under which a large number of people have been shot or sent to prisons where they were and are tortured. Their families have been devastated and numerous children were brought up without their parents, and families separated.

The Castro regime established forced labor camps Soviet-style for religious, homosexuals, and intellectuals (Military Units to Aid Production), many of the people who were locked to force suffered and suffer dire consequences of fear, paranoia, and delirium of persecution, of those who have never been able to free themselves.

As in any communist totalitarian regime, education became ideological indoctrination and the work of adolescents in schools in the countryside and in the countryside was counted and counted as mandatory, meritorious and essential to be able to reach higher education levels. Higher education depended on and depends on the level of combativity, ideological militantism, and blind adherence to Castroism. Otherwise, you do not get the career and studies you need, much less the subsequent employment. On several occasions, one does not obtain -before fulfilling these requirements- because the best university careers are aimed at the children of the leaders and leaders of the Cuban Communist Party and the Nomenklatura.

The only idea admitted during almost six decades has been that of the Castro brothers, and it is not an idea, it is the Castro-communist ideology turned into religion and sentimentalist and sectarian disproportion.

He who does not adhere to it, to the sect, will not have the right to health, to work, or to life. As proof of the large number of political murders committed for more than 60 years, as a result of the mere fact of thinking and thinking differently.

The number of assassins reported under the Castro regime amounts to 28 thousand victims, it is not a final figure, it is assumed that there has been more. Other people have disappeared or died on suspicion of being vilely murdered for their political ideas. This figure does not count the more than eighty thousand people who are estimated to have died at sea crossing the Straits of Florida in their attempt to reach the United States, land of freedom.

More than twenty percent of the Cuban population is in real exile, and not only economically in what has now been called diaspora, as a euphemism that benefits tyranny, both economically and morally.

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By Zoé Valdés, Cuban writer of poetry, novels and screenplays Source:



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