Portland Oh Portland, Jamaica’s Hidden Treasure!

Jamaica is world renowned for its remarkable beaches, popular tourist destinations such as Negril, Ocho Rios, and Montego Bay come to mind. These cities are filled with spectacular beaches, adorable scenery, and great food are some of the most frequented destinations for locals and tourists alike.

Even with the popularity of these north-coast, Jamaican beaches however, there are a plethora of other beaches in Jamaica that do not get the kind of attention that they deserve. Particularly, there are several beaches in the parish of Portland (at the far east of the island) that can easily rival some of the top beaches in the world.

portland mapPhoto Credit: www.map-of-jamaica.co.uk

This has allowed Jamaica to remain an interesting and ever dynamic tourist destination. Today, we will share information about these beaches with you – information that you may not have access to unless you are a local or employ the services of a professional travel agency.

Beaches along the Mountains

Portland beachesCredit:http://labrishjamaica.blogspot.com/2010/11/blue-lagoon-restoration-jamaica.htm

Over Portland’s 314 square miles you’ll find the highest peaks of the mystical Jamaican Blue Mountains as well as the legendary Blue Lagoon, Rio Grande, and a series of seaside caves, bays, waterfalls and hills.

Frenchman’s Cove, San San and Winnifred (also known as Fairy Hill): These beaches are all fantastic areas for water sports and all kinds of excitement. The beaches offer excellent swimming and snorkelling experiences with pristine white sand and clear-blue waters. In fact, Winnifred even has a mineral spring at its eastern edge allowing for a uniquely natural freshwater rinse.

Long Bay: Long Bay is Portland’s longest beach, thus its name. Boasting pristine white sand and stunning turquoise water, this beach is not as calm as the others. Occasionally, the water kicks up consistently fuelled by a strong offshore wind. This however makes the area perfect for windsurfing. In fact, Long Bay is one of the most popular surfing destinations in Jamaica.

Boston Beach: While Long Bay is known for surfing, Boston Beach is and even more popular surfing destination, offering exhilarating surfing experiences. Admittedly, the beach area is relatively small and a bit rocky, but the powerful winds and excellent food make up for the shortcomings. In fact, many people travel to Boston exclusively for the food and water sports.

In terms of food, Boston Beach is central for jerk in Jamaica. Jerk is a style of cuisine similar to barbeque, but with a unique island flavour that cannot be had anywhere else. Boston’s flagship jerk can be had via beachside jerk stands and are quite legendary.

Probably the best thing about Portland is that it’s a posh and alluring hideaway. The parish is quite laidback and perfect for relaxing and forgetting the worries, hustle and bustle of home. It’s a wonderful place to explore the natural, untouched island beauty as well as the warmth of the Jamaican people.

Still, Portland is relatively far away from the main tourist centres on the island. This means that travelling there, especially by yourself may prove quite a challenge. Most visitors wisely choose to have their entire travel arrangements handled by a professional travel agency. This way, they can forget about the finer details.

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By: Norvan Martin



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