Plans For Negril International Hospital in Jamaica

CARIBBEAN: Factors determining the development of Caribbean health tourism:

The two essential factors that will determine the development possibilities of health tourism services in the Caribbean are global competitiveness and sustainability, say the people behind the planned Negril International Hospital in Jamaica.

It may be two or three years before it can open but the aim is to build a financially viable business that is sustainable and which provides access to affordable and quality healthcare in a private facility. The target is to bring quality medical wellness services to the world and to the Jamaican populace.

The proposal is unusual in that the aim is to have doctors as equity investors in the hospital; plus Jamaicans and foreign professional investors and maybe private-equity firms and individuals.

The hospital project managers say that global competitiveness will be determined by:

•The cost competitiveness of the services.

•Patient/customer satisfaction.

•Quality of patient/customer care.

•Easy accessibility and efficient cross border payment reconciliation.

•High-level integrity for patient data storage, confidentiality, security and clinical reconciliation.

•*Efficient telemedicine enabled cross border services, with portability of patient records and information on mobile media.

Sustainability will be determined by: Read more here!



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