Patrique Goodall blends a Likkle Tea

Patrique Goodall blends a Likkle Tea

We get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we sometimes forget to take a break, reflect and breathe. We are also so enthralled in the mass-produced breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that we no longer see the importance in taking the time to make a sandwich from home or brew some tea and having the aroma fill the air.

The art of having tea includes having some time for yourself to indulge and escape for a few minutes. If you are a true tea lover, you’ll appreciate the difference when compared to tea bags.” – Patrique Goodall, Creator of Likkle Tea, told The Caribbean Current.

With the dawn of July 2017, twenty-eight-year-old Patrique Goodall has given back the mornings and most evenings to enjoy the relaxation that a cup of loose tea brings. Thus Likkle Tea was born – a simple name with an air of nostalgia.

Born in Montego Bay, Patrique is the head of Marketing for a supermarket chain and she also operates a Brand Communications firm – so she knows her stuff when it comes to Branding.  When she decided to be an entrepreneur and launch a product that had Jamaica swoon, it didn’t come as a surprise.

While a tea bag has its place, Goodall revealed that she had a preference for loose tea, because of the mere fact that it gives a fuller flavor of the tea and has higher anti-oxidant content. She added that teabags are said to have lost most of their oils and smell and release more tannins, leaving a very bitter taste.

She works alongside a blender very seasoned in the creation of loose teas for companies around the world and as such, she has been grasping the art under his tutelage whilst adding her own Jamaican flavor to each blend.

Patrique Goodall blends a Likkle Tea

I try to see the herbal tisanes that we like such as mint, lemongrass, and orange peel, so I try to add these to the blends.” – Patrique Goodall, Creator of Likkle Tea, told the Caribbean Current.

Jamaicans are known for their creativity and innovativeness – a quality which has been exhibited in the very diverse and sometimes “crazy” blends created by the Likkle Tea founder. Her different teas come in the form of black teas, oolong teas, rooibos teas, green teas and herbal tisanes. Over the months, she has conjured up many flavors like Pink Shade of Lemonade, Coconut Chai, Gingerbread Man, Pink Passion, Chocolate Raspberry Souffle, Blue Skies and Green Fields, Almond Sugar Cookie, and Spicy Turmeric Chai, to name a few. She has made unique flavors, for example, Winter Wonderland, in keeping with holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.

Patrice told The Caribbean Current that the most ‘out of the box’ flavor would have to be “Carrot Cake” and “Berry Lemonade”. Strange enough, “Berry Lemonade” was made randomly on air during a television broadcast which was such a hit. She has even had customers request teas; some have asked her to do more blends with cinnamon and also basil.

“Most of the blends I started with, I don’t carry anymore. It is touch and go and I have a group of customers who also double as taste-testers to see what will work and what won’t work.” – Patrique Goodall, Creator of Likkle Tea, told  The Caribbean Current.

Patrique has done light PR for her brand via television interviews as well as working on a spread for the major local newspapers, event appearances, collaborations and using Twitter and Instagram platforms.

“The biggest accomplishment to date has just been the tight-knit tea community that I’ve been able to create online. I have a group of customers that I can call on for a quick taste-test or feedback at any time. Some persons call it a kind of cult following, but that may be a bit extreme.” – Patrique Goodall, Creator of Likkle Tea, told The Caribbean Current.

She is a very ambitious and phenomenal woman who sees nothing but success for her brand Likkle Tea, as she outlines her short term and long term goals, which show how much of a passion she has for her art. Whilst she has also debuted her line of tea ware and herbal sugars, she still has many other goals to build her brand. One of which, though she acknowledges that it might seem like a stretch, but achievable nonetheless, is to have her blends made in her homeland Jamaica in the next five years.

“Growing tea here would probably be a stretch but it’s good to set your goals so high, it scares you. I also see myself running a charming tearoom in Kingston where persons can come to for an amazing tea experience.” – Patrique Goodall, Creator of Likkle Tea, told The Caribbean Current.

Ten months since the debut, she still continues to get overwhelming feedback from customers and well-wishers on a whole. Initially conceptualized as a product weeks before actually launching Likkle Tea, it was intended as a distraction to cope with a phase of her life which proved difficult. However, combined with her commitment to her brand and the quality of the product, not to mention the support from her family and friends Likkle Tea skyrocketed. Her blends can be purchased through completing a form online.

“This has been such a blessing. I did absolutely no marketing to launch. I created an Instagram page in May and gave a few friends some boxes. The rest, as they say, is history. I haven’t had any struggles as yet, and I am grateful for that.” – Patrique Goodall, Creator of Likkle Tea, told The Caribbean Current.

By Alexandra Daley



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