Pat ‘Dr. Luv’ Lando…what all radio stations should sound like

The Glow Radio 3_optWelcome again from Pat Lando – helping you get over the winter blah, blah and welcoming the Spring Break – I vow to help, by providing you with the best musical relief today starting at 6:00 pm until 11:00 pm est.
Featuring The White Knight and Pat 'dr luv' Lando on

Bring you the best in rare R&B & Soul mixed with varying musical genre, helping you to reminisce and reminding you of your favorite song, your best dance, helping you to fall in love all over again?

Join us and be a satisfied guest this evening on
Feel free to join the chat room you may run into some old friends.

Pat Lando…'what all radio stations should sound like'
'Sunday by the Bay' your long weekend destination



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