Papa San, former Dancehall star, now ministers the Gospel of Christ

big quote marksI had given some bad messages in my songs and I myself at one time had been involved with firearms and the police. Could God forgive me for my sins over all the years and accept me into his kingdom?” – Papa San.


Papa San, former from Dancehall star, now ministers the Gospel of Christ

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Reggae, dancehall and gospel fusion has made its way into the homes and stages of the Caribbean and the world. Papa San is one singer who has chosen to take the route of combining popular genre of music with a Christian and godly sound to bring about evangelization through uplifting messages in his lyrics.

Papa San will perform at the High Point High School in Beltsville, Maryland on Saturday, August 19, 2017.  The concert titled, “Father You Are My Strength”, will also feature Trinidad & Tobago’s Nigel Lewis among other ministers of music and will be hosted by St. Hope, from Miami, Florida.  Tickets are on sale at various locations around the Washington, D.C. area and online at  For more information about this concert, please call 301.440.6132.

Born in 1967 in Spanish Town, Jamaica, Tyrone “Papa San” Thompson, became one of the major dancehall artists of the late 1980s and 1990s; he was also known to lead all international dancehall charts.  He was dubbed ‘Marathon Man’ for his lightning-fast DJ or toasting skills and recorded his first hit in the mid-1980s. He started creating music at the age of twelve years old, performing with artistes twice his age. He has the record for the first longest song in Jamaica and some of his chart toppers are ‘Legal Rights’, ‘Maddy Maddy Cry’ and ‘I Will Survive’.

While he began performing in the early 1970s he did not turn to Christianity until 1997 after experiencing many tragic life-changing experiences years leading up until then. Upon becoming Christian, he started a campaign – Papa San and Friends to raise funds for rural orphanages for children in Jamaica. He got married in 2011. He and his wife became ordained ministers of the Gospel; they formed Our Father’s Kingdom International Ministries and currently reside in Weston, Florida. His music also experienced a change as he adopted the ways of gospel and Christian music and his songs started reflecting less popular secular dancehall and more god-like roots.

“I have gotten so much great responses and it is only increasing. My wife and I have seen thousands of people come to Christ at our concert. Some come to our shows just to see what it would be like to hear a gospel message to dancehall music. Many of them have been shocked – in a good way – at what they have heard, and have gotten saved in the process.” – Papa San.

Papa San, former from Dancehall star, now ministers the Gospel of Christ

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He continued promoting his roots reggae with a twist of gospel; which also made his tracks unique to this day. He was inspired by legends such as Dennis Brown, John Holt and Bob Marley and also Nat King Cole and Donna Summer among other American pop and rock music artistes.

He has toured the world inclusive of Africa, Japan, USA, Europe, and the Caribbean to name a few. He continues making hits as his newest release CD, My Story reveals his transformation of his life from youth into adulthood and his experiences and troubles amidst the triumphs.

“Papa San’s ‘My Story’ is a representation of a life fueled by a musical palette that was cultivated by growing up in an audible atmosphere of Bob Marley and Dennis Brown.” – CCM Singles.


1986 Party Animal (Scar Face Music)

1986 Papa San Meets Anthony Redrose (Weed Beat)

1989 Style & Fashion (Pow Wow)

1989 System (Pow Wow)

1990 Reggae Dance Hall (Rohit)

1991 Strange (Pow Wow)

1992 Pray for Them (Sonic Sounds)

1992 Rough Cut (Pow Wow)

1993 In Action (Pow Wow)

1993 Pray Fi Dem (RAS)

1995 No Place Like Home (VP)

1996 Gi Mi Di Loving (Melodie)

1999 Victory (Interscope)

2003 God & I (Gospo Centric)

2005 Real and Personal (Gospocentric)

2008 Higher Heights (Beloved Records)

unknown Three The Hard Way (World Enterprise)

unknown Fire Inna Dancehall (King Dragon)

2012 My Story (Beloved)

2014 One Blood

By Alexandra Daley

Papa San, former Dancehall star, now ministers the Gospel of Christ

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Papa San, former Dancehall star, now ministers the Gospel of Christ

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