Over 300,000 Angolans Benefited from Cuban Literacy Method

Posted on October 2, 2013

Source:  Cuban News Agency Oct 2 2013

Angola - studentsMore than 300 thousand adult Angolans have learned to read and write through an educational method developed by Cuba, named Yes, I can, which has been successfully applied in at least 30 nations in the world.

In Angola, the programme was introduced in 2009, and has proven its effectiveness in the sharp reduction of adult illiteracy in at least eight provinces in that African nation.

Learning to read and write has been largely instrumental in the resounding success achieved by Angola in the eradication of hunger, poverty and disease.

The development of the Cuban educational programme by that African nation’s Government was enthusiastically supported by several Angolan institutions, including the Angolan Women’s Federation and church groups.

The massive introduction of education has proven to be a major weapon in the succesful Angolan struggle against poverty, hunger and disease.

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