Our top10 wedding presents : What’s yours?

Bridal registries provide a list of specific items the bride and groom would like to receive as wedding gifts. The registry's purpose is to reduce the number of duplicate gifts and aid in matching the couple's desired color schemes. However, some guests prefer to purchase more traditional or even personalized items they feel will hold special meaning for the happy couple.


Couples who enjoy traveling will appreciate a solid, durable set of luggage for its long-lasting potential. The right variety of luggage makes travel easy and comfortable. Because luggage is available in so many colors, styles and sizes, purchasing pieces specific to the couple's needs is easy.

Gift Baskets
Wedding gift baskets have gained popularity in recent years because of their versatility. Gift baskets are widely available in a variety of shapes, sizes and contents. Candles, foods and wine make great staples for a gift basket and allow the gift-giver to be unique and creative with additional filler items.

The perfect gift for bridal couples with expensive taste is an assortment of fine linens. Napkins, napkin holders, place mats and tablecloths will dress the newlyweds' dining table. Fine towels offer comfort after a long shower or bubble bath. Address bedroom comfort by gifting exquisite pillow cases, comforters and bedsheets.
Gift Cards or Certificates

Gift cards are becoming a progressively popular alternative to the hustle and bustle of special occasion gift buying. Though convenient enough, gift cards and gift certificates remain rather impersonal. Especially when thorough gift registries exist, this particular gift may prompt loved ones to question how well the gift-giver really knows them. If this is the gift you decide upon, include it with a small gift or at least a greeting card with a personal note.

Gifting cold, hard cash to a newlywed couple can go one of two ways. Depending on the culture in which they live, a money gift may be construed as apropos or taken as completely distasteful. When possible, monetary gifts should be delivered to the wedding reception rather than sent through the mail.
Travel Accomodations

Let the happy couple enjoy a night out with a romantic dinner cruise. Advance their airline tickets to first class. Book reservations in the groom's name at their favorite restaurant. Up-grade their hotel room from a suite to a penthouse. These type gifts require a bit more effort and collaboration, but the couple will take the gesture to heart.


Wine as a gift is amidst the most sophisticated presents one can give a newlywed couple. Weddings embody elegance and romance, making a wine gift both charming and alluring. Take this gift one step further by gifting a wine club membership to the happy couple.

China, dinnerware and glassware is a wedding registry staple. When registering, the couple should note their pattern of choice to ease the buyer's burden while selecting gifts.

The most memorable wedding gifts are the personalized ones. Personalized photo albums, scrapbooks, quilts or picture frames always make a lasting impression. More unique items that are easy to personalize are monogrammed towels or robes, etched glassworks and memory DVDs.
Group Effort
It is said that there is strength in numbers. Friends, family and co-workers often band together to purchase high-dollar items the couple desire. Popular group gifts include gas grills, furniture and household appliances.  



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