Rogers TV Supports Youth-Led Media Club and Fundraising Telethon

Project: Our Race Against Time Youth-Led Media Club and Fundraising Telethon

On March 9th2013, TransformNation will be hosting a 12 hours TELETHON, live on Rogers T.V. and we need your help. This fundraising event is in support of our youth-led media club ‘Race Against Time'.  The  media club offers three media projects as conduits to the world of youth expression while fostering the awareness of “Healthy Lifestyle Choices for Children and Youths”.

We need promoters, performers, demonstrators, interviewees, and financial donors.

The initiative aims to facilitate instruction and mentoring for beginners to advanced youth filmmakers from ages 9 – 25. Participants will be given the unique opportunity to learn valuable media production skills while creatively expressing themselves in a fun and safe environment. The ultimate goals of the competition are to raise social awareness that young people can be responsible and own creative projects while making healthier lifestyle choices.

This club will support and foster creative efforts in self- expression- from concept to execution- including creating, planning, implementing, and reflecting on life experiences by young people. During the course of the program, youth will produce various forms of media such as websites, newspapers, video, music, spoken word, comedy, fashion, and namely the following:

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(1) Short Film Competition/Poster. All entries submitted and postmarked for February 28, 2013, will be included in the competition. This initiative invites students in Peel Region and the GTA, between the ages of 10 to 25 years, to produce short films (max. 5 min in length) on how to eradicate childhood obesity. Participant groups can include up to three people.

The competition gives students the opportunity to tackle the sensitive topic of 'childhood obesity' from a cinematic point of view, and will offer a platform for the presentation of their work, as part of the 'Race Against Time Film Festival'. The overall objective is to present the five (5) winning films on an online platform via social media, The Mississauga News and Rogers TV, thus giving participants and supporters of the competition the opportunity to view all submissions.

The exposure will allow youth to share their thoughts, ideas and creative approaches with peers using their own language, about the issue of childhood obesity. Youth judges will narrow the field of entries down to the top ten (10) and the news will be shared with The Mississauga News, Rogers TV and finally, YouTube, where public voting will determine the top five (5) entries. The selection of winning films will screen at different venues across the city, and the local winners will appear on Rogers TV, attend the National Summit in Vancouver, B.C. in May, 2013 and win a trip to Washington D.C.

(2) Audition for junior broadcasters. We will recruit and interview youth who are interested, from which ten (10) junior broadcasters will be chosen to begin their training soon. The training will be facilitated by Kidz Hub Media Network (at no cost, via the internet); however, we need to perches 10 overhead equipment cost of $200 each.

(3) First youth community newspaper. This will feature in-depth reporting pieces and first- person essays, comic strips and poetry pages. 'The Promises' is the communication outlet for youth to have their voice and visions seen and heard. From reporting pieces and interviews, to essays and photos that offer a unique look into youth subcultures, the newspaper will have a distribution of 25,000 papers printed monthly (10 X a year in the school season), alternating between Brampton and Mississauga.

The aim of the youth newspaper is to share the viewpoints of the Region of Peel's and beyond emerging documentary and opinion- makers, and to promote healthy lifestyle choices among our youth culture. It also gives young people access to mainstream public discourse, which otherwise may be excluded from social, cultural or political realms.

The youth- led club will set up media and documentary workshops to support the development of young, emerging media professionals and facilitate the creation of new platforms that acknowledge the importance of positive media use and content- creation by young people. TransformNation hopes to achieve this with the support of mentors and volunteers from the professional media field as well as through funding raising like the telethon and funding from community partners. 

Please do not hesitate to share this information with your network, families and friends. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this competition and the youth- led media initiatives outlined here. For more information, please visit:, call: (905) 232- 6870 or email:



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