Orange Jessamine

Welcome Spring with Fragrant Houseplants

There are many reasons to grow plants indoors — they clean the air, soften and infuse our decor with nature, and reduce the amount of stress we feel. 
There is a stunning array of leaf colors and textures to brighten spirits even on the shortest, dreariest winter days. But that's not all–Pick carefully and they also provide scent from rich and flowery to warm and spicy.

Orange Jessamine

Orange jessamine makes for a beautiful foliage plant when it's not flowering. But it delights the nose as much as the eyes when it bursts into bloom with clusters of long-lasting white flowers that smell like orange blossoms.


Name: Murraya paniculata


What it needs: Grow orange jessamine in a medium to bright area that has high humidity and is protected from drafts. Water and fertilize the plant regularly in spring and summer; stop feeding it and reduce watering in autumn and winter.


Test Garden Tip: Orange jessamine will survive low-light conditions, but probably won't bloom in them. Happily, the leaves are fragrant if you rub them so you can enjoy its scent even as a foliage plant.

Orange Jasmine


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