Open letter to the Honorable Charles Sousa, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration
6th Floor
400 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M7A 2R9
November 9, 2012

Honorable Charles Sousa:

On behalf of Canada and all Canadians, and in particular immigrants, I would like to take a moment to extend my sincerest gratitude to you  for the phenomenal work you have been doing on behalf of Canadians in your capacity as Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. For many years, Canada has enjoyed the coveted status as one of, if not the best country on earth to live; hence its magnetism for immigrants and refugees from all over the globe. This is absolutely fantastic, albeit, we are often remiss in acknowledging the fact that it is political leaders such as you who ensure that Canada’s commitment and dedication to multiculturalism and diversity is preserved.

I, a Jamaican Canadian for the past thirty plus years, have benefited tremendously from the equal opportunity afforded us adopted citizens, who have been fortunate enough to call Canada home. Because she explicitly recognizes, endorses and promotes cultural diversity, the resultant harmonious society is inevitable. Therefore, Canada is and must be regarded as a leader, a trend setter and a trail blazer. These labels bestowed on our great country secondary to Canada instituting some of the best and most multicultural friendly policies in the world. These policies clearly value and embrace cultural diversity which is the bedrock of our Canadian society.

Honorable Minister, we thank you and applaud you on ensuring that in your capacity as Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, all Canadians are treated in a fair, objective and equitable way. You have made it your priority to ensure that you are abreast of some of the unique needs of immigrants and new Canadians. You further ensured that equal opportunity is the norm in our society. This is greatly appreciated by all Canadians.

On October 18th, you honored thirteen of Canada’s most benevolent citizens, myself included.  A lot of us gave 30, 40 and even 50 years of volunteer work to enrich the lives of our fellow Canadians. We have made significant and sustained contributions to our adopted country. Even though some of us feel undeserving of this award, we certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness in presenting it to us. As for me, the award is certainly an honor and I do appreciate the recognition. Again, thank you so very much for recognizing our contributions to our adopted country. 

Honorable Minister, You have made a noticeable difference not only to us immigrants, but to all Canadians. The news that you will be vying for leadership of the liberal party, is indeed great news. You have proven yourself a stellar leader in your role as Minister of Citizenship and immigration. And we endorse, embrace and support your candidacy, as you have proven yourself to be most deserving in such a capacity, which of course is based on your track record as MPP. As you embark on this new and expanded journey, we support you wholeheartedly and trust that you will continue to be the great role model and leader you are.

Best regards,

Paulet Biedermann, BA. O.M.C



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