One Caribbean!

One Caribbean

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Why do many people of Caribbean heritage living in many North American cities choose not to support events presented by people who are not from their individual countries?

I ask the question because over the past 24 years I have promoted, presented, attended, and supported many events—parties, plays, concerts, book signings, seminars, memorials, etc—and have found that there is a stark affinity to  these events based on the country from which the presenter or promoter hails.

I have also done informal surveys, and have observed that many people of Caribbean heritage tend not to support the cuisine of Caribbean countries; however, great support is given to Asian, European, and N. American cuisines…. Why?  How many times have you eaten Hunan Chicken or Coo Coo and Flying Fish? Or Szechuan Chicken or Pelau? Or Moo Shu Pork or Oil Down? Or Pancake and Sausage or Ackee & Saltfish?

Unity can be achieved if we have dialogue…Share or comment, let us expand the conversation because cohesion is better than being apart. June is Caribbean American Heritage month, however, we are Caribbean all the time.

By Karl A. Haughotn

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