Omarosa Manigault Joins the White House Team

Omarosa Manigault African-American Outreach Director Becomes White House Staff

Omarosa Manigault Joins the White House Team

Omarosa Manigault – Photo –

“Every critic, every detractor will have to bow down to President Trump. It’s everyone who doubted him, whoever disagreed, whoever challenged, it’s the ultimate revenge to come the most powerful man in the universe.” – Omarosa Manigault, in an interview.

To be a part of the administration of the President is a terrific feat as it does wonders for one’s career and character. Whoever was a soft-spoken behind the scenes person will be brought to the forefront and required to move above and beyond the call of duty – simply said, the responsibilities for members of staff of the White House calls on all to be brave, strong and confident.

Not a stranger to being confident and out-spoken is Omarosa Onee Manigault who has known Trump for thirteen years, has proven time and time again that she is worthy to be one of nine members on the President-elect’s transition team. She was bestowed the position in December 2016.

“I am on the President’s transition team and so I’m very active in helping to choose and staff the four thousand positions of staff that we have to fill. Donald Trump is committed to having on the most diverse administrations in history and that’s a big part of my job, making sure that our administration looks like America, so I’m honored to serve on his transition team. I mean the day to day is very tough but I believe that you will see an administration that is reflective, inclusive and celebrates everything that is America.” – Omarosa Manigault in an interview with Access Hollywood.

Her Personal Life

She was born to Theresa Marie and Jack Thomas Manigault Sr. in Youngstown, Ohio on February 5, 1974. She graduated from the Rayen School and in 1996 was awarded her Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from the Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. Attending Howard University after moving to Washington, DC, she earned her Master’s Degree and PhD in Communications. She also has a certification in Executive Coaching.

Omarosa Manigault Joins the White House Team

Omarosa Manigault – Photo –

In 2000, she was married to Aaron Stallworth and was known as Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth until they filed for divorce in 2005. She found love again in 2010 with Green Mile actor Michael Duncan and was engaged until Duncan tragically passed away in 2012 of cardiac arrest. Third time is the charm; she married Pastor John Newman in 2016.

She is a strong woman of faith, as in 2011 she obtained a preacher’s license after completing Biblical Studies Training at the Payne Theological Seminary in Wilberforce, Ohio – a Doctor of Ministry degree. She was formally ordained into the Weller Street Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, California in February 2012. The decision to be trained in the faith came from her sojourn to West Africa where she met a child in an orphanage, who was dying of AIDS, who changed her life:

“It was at that moment, looking into the face, in the eyes of this dying child that I received my call to the ministry. There were people who felt like because I had done the show so many years ago that maybe that disqualified me from the ministry. I’m not really certain. But boy did I hear from the critics, and to them I have to say that they underestimate the power of God’s ability to transform a person’s life.” – Omarosa Manigault in an interview with OWN.

Insight Into The Trump Administration

The forty-two year old was appointed the Director of African-American Outreach, in July 2016, when Trump was a candidate for the position of the President of the United States, subsequent to being on the staging of NBC TV series “The Apprentice”, a popular show executed by Donald Trump. The show brought much public attention to Manigault as a villain and she was known as the ‘woman America loved to hate’ because of her rancorous tactics she used to get ahead of the game. However, she thought of herself as an astute businesswoman, the audience had different sentiments – she was dubbed by E! Reality TV’s No.1 bad girl. She competed in 2004 where she was eliminated in week nine of that season, then came back in 2008 and 2013 as a celebrity, but was fired yet again.

Well, I’d like to believe that The Apprentice was a big hit because I was such a superstar in the first season. (Laughs.) That’s just my ego. The truth of the matter is, it was all Donald. It was his ability to kind of read what was happening and to play up the dramatic moments and to zero in on the personalities and to kind of amplify the conflicts. It was an incredible perfect storm, and that’s why we were the number one show on television.” – Omarosa Manigault in an interview with Frontline.

Later years, her other television appearances where her outspoken attitude got the best of her and came off as not flattering, including her Fox News, MSNBC, and Bethenny Show debacles.

Being an advisor to the President, she has had to come to grips and reconcile with what Trump has said about her Black culture and the people, but her advice and how she overcame was quite interesting:

“What I realized working so closely with him is how many Caucasians have no idea who we are, they don’t know about our culture because they have never been exposed to it. We can just sit and wag our finger at them and criticize them, or we can teach them how to talk to us and how to appreciate our culture and how to approach us, but if they have never been exposed to it then it’s a teaching moment. We have to get out of our feelings if someone says something you just correct them and keep pushing on, but we can’t do that separated. We have to come to the table and have the dialogue. The only way we are going to get people to respect our culture and who we are is to be at the table.” – Omarosa Manigault in an interview with Hip Hollywood.

It is not her first appointment to the White House as she worked with the Clinton administration, prior to her many controversial appearances on “The Apprentice”. She was said to have had four jobs in the two years, one of which was being a scheduling correspondent for former Vice President Al Gore. Al Gore reigned during the former president, Bill Clinton’s administration. She was also the Deputy Associate Director for Presidential personnel, and her last appointment was in the Clinton administration.

“I have done logistics and advance and event planning for the White House under the Gore staff. … At 23, I got appointed to the White House. That was not a place to learn how to be a young professional. That’s a very difficult environment, because they don’t believe in training. They just kind of throw you in the fire.” – Omarosa Manigault with People Magazine in a panel discussion.

Evolving into one of Trump’s biggest advocates, she was not always a Trump supporter, as she supported Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the earlier stages. However, she joined the Trump team in the end.

“He [Trump] knows how to negotiate on an international stage. Do not underestimate the power of Donald Trump, or you will be scratching your head wondering how he got the Republican nomination.” –  Omarosa Manigault in a CNN interview in August 2015.

Her name stood out as in a press release with CNN revealing another White House team member, of which Manigault was contracted a role.

“The Donald Trump that I know is complicated. He is a dynamic human being. He is tough. He’s very tough. He expects so much from the people around him and his inner circle. He expects perfection. He expects excellence. He expects that you will work as hard as he works. I mean, the man works 16-to-18-hour days without blinking. It’s hard to keep up with him. The real Donald Trump doesn’t sleep until the work is done. The real Donald Trump also is an incredible family man. When you see him with his children or with his grandchildren now, you see him in a whole different light. So there’s a very complicated person that’s there. But often, the press only portrays one side of Donald Trump, and that’s the in-your-face, take-no-prisoners, win-at-all-costs Donald Trump.” – Omarosa Manigault in an interview with Frontline.

The Trump supporter, reportedly with a net worth of $1.5 million, will take on a position which complements her main focus for public engagement as the Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison as well as an Assistant to the President.

We will all watch and wait as everything relating to Trump, his administration and the White House unfolds. Until then.

“He has decided to fight for those who don’t have a voice. For the people who have been forgotten, those who folks tend to push around. We have conversations, we’ve gone to business round tables, faith communities, barber shops, and we’ve talked to everyone. However, when you are giving a speech and you have two minutes you have to appeal to the people who need it the most, so I know he sounds a little tone deaf, but running for an office and governing are two different things.” – Omarosa Manigault in an interview with Hip Hollywood .

By Alexandra Daley



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