Oliver Samuels Celebrates 50 Years of Independence Humorously

Laurel, Maryland, November 10, 2012 – The Caribbean’s King of Comedy, Oliver Samuels, will lead a star- studded cast of actors to the Washington DC Metro area on Sunday, December 9, 2012 in his latest hit play, Who A Di Don. The play will be presented at Laurel High School 8000 Cherry Lane Laurel, Maryland 20707 at 6:00pm. The price of admission is $35 in advance, and $40 at the door.  For more information please call 301-440-6132.

Appreciative audiences in Canada, Jamaica, USA, and the United Kingdom have enthusiastically recommended this play to friends and relatives.   Audrey Reid, Ruth Ho Shing, and Kadeem Wilson who are highly acclaimed Caribbean thespians complete the cast.

In addition to starring in Who A Di Don, Oliver Samuels is the writer and director. According to Oliver, he wrote the play to coincide with the celebrations of Jamaica’s 50th year of independence from the United Kingdom.  He humorously stated that he wrote the play to “tek serious tings mek joke.”  The play takes a comedic look at some of Jamaica’s current socio-economic issues and lifestyle preferences such as skin bleaching, cougar relationships, and extortion.

Oliver addresses the issue of extortion (donmanship) to the delight of raucous audiences.  Audrey Reid portrays Sylvia, a woman protecting her son from the ills of the world.  Ruth Ho Shing plays the role of Debbie, Sylvia’s neighbor, who is in her fifties but has the libido and sensuality of a college girl in her prime. Malcolm played alternately by Ghett’A Life’s Kadeem Wilson and Bryan Johnson; has difficulty rejecting Debbie’s sexual overtures.

The play begins with the summoning of Uncle Joshie (Samuels) from the country by Sylvia (Reid) to save her son Malcolm (Wilson) from a downward spiral caused by the death of his father, Joseph. The excitement is accelerated as soon as Uncle Joshie arrives.  Will Joshie be the real Don and step up to the plate?  Can the young man deny Debbie’s wishes?

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