OBHS Commemorates Harriet Tubman on the Centennial of her Death

On the Centennial of her death: Born 1820; died March 10, 1913

harriet-tubman"I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves." 
            – Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was a compelling woman who symbolized the hopes and dreams of freedom for the enslaved. The legacy of Harriet Tubman included a strong mandate to obtain a different status not just for herself but for her family and 'her people' and, she used Canada, in particular Ontario, as the base of much of her Underground Railroad activity.

To further commemorate Harriet Tubman, the OBHS is releasing a (pdf) copy of Africentric Resourcesfor the benefit of educators, students and their families.  It provides a listing of books, websites, films and other resources to assist in learning not only about this heroine of American and Canadian history, but in extending Black History into the entire year. (For a hard copy of the Africentric Resource or to obtain the full document, contact the OBHS:admin@blackhistorysociety.ca)

– The OBHS was honoured to be invited to participate in the Centennial Commemoration in Maryland further linking the connection of Tubman to both Canada and the United States – March, 2013.  

– The OBHS launched February as Black History Month with the annual Brunch – the 100th Anniversary of Harriet Tubman's death was among the significant anniversaries being commemorated.
– The Official 2013 OBHS Black History Month poster features a beautiful batik art rendition of Harriet Tubman

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