Newsday Reports 100 Refugees Seek TT Asylum

100 refugees seek TT asylum
By CAROL MATROO Sunday, January 12 2014

Around 100 persons are currently seeking asylum in Trinidad and Tobago. This was revealed by the Living Water Community, the organisation which is assisting the refugees in settling away from their respective homes to a new life in the Caribbean. The refugees are mainly from African countries.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of people who, when they arrive on the shores of Trinidad and Tobago, do not have the proper documentation to stay in the country, but for some reason or the other, are determined to stay. 

Some may be trying to escape strife and war in their country; some may have been displaced, while others were seeking economic opportunities to improve their way of life. But, when they overstay their welcome, Immigration steps in and most times they are sent to a detention centre, jail, or deported. 

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