New Cancer Drug Announced by Barbadian Research Company

WORTHING, Barbados — Goff Hill Ltd, a pharmaceutical research development company in Barbados, has announced a new cancer drug that it claims causes cancer tumor cells to completely disintegrate with one five-day treatment.

Goff Hill's cancer agent reportedly eliminates the control molecule for all cancer cell development, with the resulting disintegration of the cancer cell. There is no scar tissue remaining. Claimed to be clinically proven, it is said to be a cure for primary brain, breast, lung, and colon cancer tumors. The drug is directed only at the cancer cells and has no side effect on normal cells. 

There is no toxicity. There were no seizures in the treated patients for brain cancer. There is no residual scar evidence after the disintegrated tumor cells are cleaned up by the janitor cells (megakarocytes), the company said in a press release.

“This is new medical science. Our drug controls the trigger to cancer cell development. The Goff Hill Limited cancer drug, in a five-day treatment, produces complete disintegration of the tumor. Our cancer drug is a cure for primary brain tumors, breast, colon, and lung tumors,” the release stated.



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