Negril The Jamaican Eatery, serving the Washington metropolitan area for over 40 years

Negril The Jamaican Eatery, serving the Washington metropolitan area for over 40 years

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Negril Eatery was founded in 1979 by Earl Chinn, who is still President of Negril Systems, Inc. A Jamaican native, Earl attended college in Montreal, Canada, moving back to Jamaica after graduation.

The concept of Negril Eatery came about because the founder, Earl Chinn, saw the need for a quick service Jamaican restaurant in the D.C metropolitan area. While briefly visiting his sister who lived in DC in 1975, he sought to bring a taste of the islands to the area as he found that there were no authentic Jamaican restaurants. In 1978 he returned to the area to start, Negril the Jamaican Eatery located in Washington DC. Joined by his sister Marguerite in his first year of operation, she has been instrumental in maintaining his focus.

Encouraged by the popularity of his original store, Earl later opened his second store in 1985 and more followed. In 1985 the Negril Express concept was integrated into Negril. The store was opened in Washington, DC where it was mainly a smaller carry-out only model that served strictly appetizers and beverages. The store turned out to be a tremendous success.

With the opening of new stores, Earl thought it would be ideal to have a commissary to make his signature items such as beef patties and coco bread. So, in 1989 he started the Negril Bakery which his brother, Paul, helped manage. Patties, pastries, and rotis are expertly prepared in the Negril central commissary, located in Linthicum Heights, Maryland which then distributes them frozen to all Negril Eatery locations where they are baked off and offered as freshly baked.

Currently, there are four locations, 1 in Washington, DC and 3 in Maryland:

Negril The Jamaican Eatery
2301 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001
(202) 332-3737

Negril The Jamaican Eatery
Located in Mitchellville Plaza
12116 Central Ave, Bowie, MD 20721
(301) 249-9101

Negril The Jamaican Eatery
965 Thayer Ave Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 585-3000

Negril The Jamaican Eatery
Located in Laurel Shopping Center
331 Montrose Ave, Laurel, MD 20707
(301) 498-0808

With the popularity of the restaurants, Earl seeks to expand his business and take a taste of his homeland food to the world.

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