Nanny, Nanny Queen of the Maroons

Nanny 2

Nanny, Nanny Queen of the Maroons

Nanny, Nanny, queen of the hills, mountain blue
History can’t tell us which tribe you belonged to
One thing we all know is true
Your spirit of freedom ingrained
Their whips, shackles, chains, could never tame

Sweet sugar cane, mek nuff blood shed
Runaway slaves, bounty pon dem heads
Dead or alive is what the general said
The Queen mother, rebel solider, had a another plan instead

Giving birth to purpose
Mother of the Maroons
Using her wisdom
She taught them to survive
Spirit, nature intertwined
Must be cunning to stay alive

Nanny, Nanny queen of the hills, mountain blue
They ran out of efforts trying to outsmart you
Using the powers that your ancestors gave
The British Army was captured under your spell
Conquered by an illusion
The power fear
They never saw it coming, vapors in the air
Spiritual attack, Guerella warfare

Changing the course of history
As the leader of a ban of rebellious slaves
Securing their freedom, their land
Giving history a story to tell
For generations to come
Nanny became a national hero when it was all said and done

Nanny, Nanny queen of the hills, mountain blue
We honor you
Strong black woman
Full of pride
Fearless too
A superwoman in my eyes
Myth or legend
It’s up to you to decide
My wish is to keep her courageous spirit alive.

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2016242 ©Copyright 2016. Sharon Corinthian All RightsReserved.



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