My Grenada – My Island Of Spice

My Grenada the spice of my life is a place for relaxation and good food! Grenada is a tri-island state (Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique) located in the southern region of the Eastern Caribbean just 100 miles North of Venezuela.  Main island Grenada is the largest of the three with a width of 12 miles and length of 21 miles, a total area of 133 square miles; with a population of roughly 93,000 mostly descents of African, East Indian or European roots.

Grenada is referred to as the Spice Isle due to the abundance for spices including: nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, mace and cocoa. Reflecting now on my life as a Grenadian I realize how lucky I am! Growing up with the entire neighbor and childhood days were spent playing under nutmeg trees and fishing in rivers, enjoying the abundance of fruit around. Life in Grenada most would consider as very slow, thus I learned to relax and enjoy, “all things will come in due time” my grandmother says all the time to me.

Life in Grenada has not always been the best the need for better health care and education are always topics for debate. Today healthcare is far improved with a newer hospital and better equipment, more Grenadians can stay at home for medical treatments.  The education system as well has improved and most children are afforded the opportunity to attend both primary and secondary institutions and if desired college and or university. There are two universities currently on island; the University of the West Indies and the St. George’s University.  In addition a number of skills centers where individuals are taught arts, crafts, and masonry among other skills.

A big part of growing up in Grenada was the culture and festivities, year round there is always a festivity or cultural party. Our celebrations match our strong heritage and are a reflection of a mix of cultures including African, European and Indian due to the diversity of our people.  The main celebrations centered in August for our carnival celebrations. There are also lots of religious events, due to the spectrum of religious communities found in Grenada.

Grenada will always be the spice of my life she has taught me everything I know about family, religion, people and the exploring of self. The quiet life has made me more aware of nature and its exquisite beauty. So what are you waiting on a personal invitation well here goes: everyone reading this article is personally invited to visit the island of Grenada and the Caribbean by extension. By plane or boat I assure you that Grenada will leave a unique impression on your heart and mind.

The quiet and beautiful scenery from relaxing on the beach or hiking in the mountains, every moment will be worth the visit. Come have a look at her scars and learn about her history, see the sights and for those who like snorkeling our underwater park you will most certainly enjoy. Don’t forget bug spray the small creatures can be annoying sometimes and lots of sun block. So take a vacation come relax and enjoy!

Kahalena “Kay” Hamilton, technology enthusiast and island girl.

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