“Music is definitely a language unto itself,” says Reemah from St. Croix

“Love is the only truth… To know oneself is to know all the highest movements in a divine order, and everything is divine by nature. We all come from a source; an existence at the end of the day there is no room for separation or animosity, which are just the products of our minds. To find balance is the key “- Reemah 

Reggae is an outpouring of expression and art into lyrics which speak to current issues of its people and while many identify with being an artiste of reggae, some have more of a passion for the genre than others.

“Music is definitely a language unto itself, it is an avenue for you to be creative, and to reach the souls of people… Reggae music has a message and it’s the only music I see on a level that takes me to a different dimension, that’s why I chose Reggae, or that’s why Reggae music chose me.” – Reemah in an interview.

From the island of St. Croix of the British Virgin Islands, one such artiste has emerged on the Reggae scene and has made a name for herself and her country; she represents all that is St. Croix.

Her name is Reemah.

A Philosopher. A Teacher. A Lyricist. A champion of consciousness and powers of mind.

"Music is definitely a language unto itself," says Reemah from St. Croix

Reemah – Photo – reggaeville.com

The gifted and upcoming Reggae songbird has been making her strides in the music industry, especially the reggae industry, as her passion for music has been sought after by many who long for a different vibe to the traditional reggae sound. What was once a hobby for her in school, with which she played around with the idea of pursuing music, eventually blossomed into something much more. She is a captivating artiste who draws in her audience at each performance as she is told on many occasions and as seen by the reception she receives when she spits her profound lyrics.

As a little girl I loved Soul and Rhythm and Blues singers like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and Celine Dion to name a few. My uncles introduced me to reggae artists like Yellow Man, Pinchers, Sanchez, Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, and the list goes on. The energies that we are exposed to becomes a part of us and is reflected in our creations. My music isn’t an exception.” – Reemah with Kribbean.com.

Signed to the Indie record label, the songwriter ensures her spiritual and uplifting messages come from her heart, all the stories she has told through her music proves that she is the real deal.

“Spreading a message of awareness and self-love through music is definitely a passion and motivates me to continue to write.” – Reemah with Kribbean.com.

"Music is definitely a language unto itself," says Reemah from St. Croix

Reemah – Photo – youtube.com

She was first heard on Chance To Grow, a duet on Bambu Station album entitled ‘Break the Soil’ in 2006 and she moved on to her EP ‘No Questions’. She later released her ‘rootsy’ debut album entitled Check Your Words in July of 2012; the thirteen track album has been getting much attention from her fans and supporters across the world.

“It is a mix of feelings and emotions that is captured in each song, speaking directly to the hearts of those that listen. My intent was to put out a quality album and to spark an internal fire of self-awareness and militancy — a call to action.” – Reemah with Kribbean.com.

The album has collaborations with the likes of Laurent “Tippy” Alfred and Jalani Horton. In 2016 the album was re-released with an additional track called One Day. Her hit singles include ‘Try Love’ ‘Hypnotize’ to which she expresses different sides of herself to her listeners. Her talent has been felt by many through the airwaves and steadily her fame and recognition grew as people became more aware of her as a Caribbean woman, a confident female, and a Roots Reggae artiste.

“Through realizing the systematic destruction of us as a people, naturally, I want to help those who aren’t aware to become conscious to these truths; to begin the journey of freeing themselves from the chains of oppression. The deception is real and at times very subtle. Its roots are deep and radical change is needed. This radical change begins with small shifts in our thinking. I just want to play my part in helping to spread the message.” – Reemah with Kribbean.com.

"Music is definitely a language unto itself," says Reemah from St. Croix

Reemah – Photo – youtube.com

Reemah has performed in many places like Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, South America, Hawaii, Washington D.C., California and other parts of the United States bringing light of her music and lyrical dominance to the masses as a well-seasoned artiste. She is a St. Croix representative alongside other Virgin Island born female artistes in the industry like Lady Passion, Nubian Natty, Dezarie and Mada Nile, to name a few.

The year 2016 proved fruitful for Reemah’s career as she released ‘High Powaz’, ‘Take Your Mind’ and the mixtape This Is Reemah which was a collaboration with Ras Jammy of Suns of Dub in November. She has also launched ‘Crowns up on Your Head’ which is a part of her upcoming album.

For more information on Reemah, check her website.

“I expect that my music will travel worldwide. I also expect the mass raising of the consciousness throughout all of Earth.” – Reemah with Kribbean.com.

By Alexandra Daley



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