Montserrat unveils new brand identity

Montserrat entered the international spotlight when Beatles producer Sir George Martin opened the iconic AIR Studios in Montserrat in 1979 and music stars such as Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John, Sting and Eric Clapton came to record on the island. Many of these artistes fell in love with Montserrat and returned year after year, some investing in holiday homes.

Through their research with local stakeholders and repeat visitors to Montserrat,
7th Heaven Properties identified that Montserrat’s appeal lies in its offer of tranquility away from the crowds, surrounded by warm, welcoming people and dramatic natural beauty; the new identity has been designed to reflect these assets.

In addition to the island as a whole, an identity for the new capital at Little Bay and port at Carr’s Bay has also been developed: 
The logo — which incorporates a Celtic Five Circle Symbol — takes inspiration from the surrounding natural beauty, the new capital’s role as a future port town and the island’s Irish heritage.
Having been inhabited by Irish settlers in the 17th Century, Montserrat retains strong links with the Emerald Isle; St Patrick’s Day is a public holiday, the national colours are green and orange and Irish place names and family names are commonplace.
Additionally, the interlocking circles reference the elements of nature, ever present in this stunning island, and represent the points of a compass. The former capital and its port were destroyed by the island’s volcano and the development of a new capital town and port in the north, an area protected from the volcano, are central to plans for Montserrat’s economic development.
The government of Montserrat believes the new identity and strapline “Relaxation Refined” will be fundamental to re-positioning the island, raising its profile and attracting private sector investors.
John Cox, director of the Montserrat Development Corporation said: “The government of Montserrat is delighted with the new tourism identity for Montserrat. The branding reflects the islanders’ view of the tranquility and friendliness to be found in Montserrat; essentially, the Caribbean as it should be: 'Relaxation Refined'. The new branding will help attract investments in tourism and other sectors.”
Robert Cooper, director of branding at 7th Heaven Properties, which has been working very closely with the Montserrat Development Corporation on plans for the new capital town, also commented: “Outside the island, Montserrat is primarily known for its volcano and for AIR Studios. However, the primary reason repeat visitors continue to come back to Montserrat year in year out is because it offers total relaxation, peace and quiet against a backdrop of lush, green mountains and sensational sea views. The new branding reflects this unique offering.”



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