Montserrat Festival 50 promotional campaign kicks off

The clearly blue colours of the Rendezvous Masquerade costume from Island Diva Mas band are front and centre in the first edition of the Montserrat Festival 50 posters and promotional products released this week.

Montserrat celebrates its 50th cultural festival this December 14 to January 1 with thousands of nationals abroad expected to return to participate.
Titled 50 Years of Feting, the designs were created by Linda Dias of Aeon Studios using collections of photos from the Government Information Unit, Vintage Montserrat, My Montserrat and the Montserrat Tourist Board. The Island Diva Mas images were photographed by Wayne Fenton, featuring soca artist Jadine and other members of the mas band.
A six-foot banner of the 50 Years of Feting poster is now on display at Caribbean Week taking place in New York this week. There are hundreds of flyers and t-shirts bearing the festival brands for the public.
“We are very excited about finally being able to release the posters. It’s been a long but fun process with much more to come,” said marketing and promotions coordinator for the Montserrat Festival Committee, Nerissa Golden.
Jadine was due to be wearing one of the Rendezvous costumes during the Caribbean Travel and Cultural Vacation Mart scheduled for Wednesday, June 6, at the Grand Central Terminal, Vanderbilt Hall, New York. 
“We were very excited to be selected for the campaign,” says Jadine. “Island Diva Mas is looking forward to being on the road in December but also to spend the next six months promoting Montserrat where ever we are.”
Both high and low resolution versions of the posters, web banners, postcards and a Facebook Cover image can be downloaded from the website on the Get It link.
“We want people to use those images on their own social media pages and websites to spread the word about our 50th celebration. The flyers can be printed and distributed wherever they are,” explained Golden. “The only restriction is that they must not be used on items for sale as this is being reserved and trademarked by the Montserrat Festival Committee and the Montserrat Tourist Board.”



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