Migrants flood into Austria


Migrants waited Saturday at Croatia’s Harmica border crossing, hoping to be allowed into Slovenia and, eventually, Austria. Credit Sergey Ponomarev for The New York Times

LONDON — Thousands of migrants poured into Austria on Saturday after being bounced around countries overwhelmed by their arrival and insistent that they keep moving.

Hungary — which had taken the most draconian and visible measures to turn back the exodus, notably the construction of a razor-wire fence along its border with Serbia — partly caved Friday evening. It grudgingly allowed at least 11,000 migrants to enter from Croatia, and then sent them by bus and train to processing centers along its border with Austria.

The Austrian authorities said that about 10,000 people entered the country on Saturday, from Slovenia and Hungary.

“I feel a deep feeling of relief,” said Rita Mohager, a Syrian student, after entering Austria from Slovenia on Saturday.

Ms. Mohager, 20, said her treacherous four-week journey had taken her from her hometown, Latakia, through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

Her trip was far from complete: She hoped to make her way to the Netherlands or Norway, to apply for asylum and enroll in school.

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