Michael Nicholson adds another touch of class to Scandal

Michael Nicholson - Actor's Profile

Michael Nicholson is considered to be one of the most accomplished actors in Jamaica today. Having starred in 11 pantomimes and copped the Actor Boy Award in 2000 for his supporting work in Oliver's Posse.

He is more popularly known across Jamaica as “Stringbeans” for his much loved role in The Blackburns (formerly Royal Palm Estate) – the oldest running television drama series to date in Jamaica. 

A graduate of the University of London and Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts where he specialised in directing. National recognition of his talents came from various award-winning pieces produced by the Ardenne drama club. Nicholson also served as Assistant to the director of the LTM National Pantomime Schoolers 2. Today he divides his time among his three main loves – his family, Jamaican cultural events (being an events specialist with JCDC for many years) and of course, theatre.

Michael has made other stage appearances, having performed in:Seefus Doolater, Oliver’s Posse, Bashment Granny 2, The Plummer, Ova Mi Dead Body, Adopted Child, The Politicians, and currently Scandal.

Nicholson has appeared in local comedy series such as Oliver at Large, Sarge in Charge and season two of the current TV drama Me and Mi Kru. He has also appeared in the 2004 movie One Love along side actors Ky-mani Marley, Idris Elba and Cherine Anderson; Etana’s music video for her hit song Roots, and the educational series A Graders.

Nicholson is a popular and highly sought after master of ceremonies (emcee) for public and private events and has appeared in numerous advertising campaigns for popular local products in the Jamaican market. 

See Michael Nicholson in Michael Denton's dramatic, Scandal. "Sly, delicious Jamaican Humor", Share Newspaper – Toronto, Canada.

Scandal will be presented in Maryland on September 22, 2013.  Visit http://elwentertainment.com/  for details.

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