Message to misguided, poor, and troubled youths of Jamaica

Here is my message to misguided, poor, and troubled youths of Jamaica.

Message to misguided, poor, and troubled youths of Jamaica

Instead of continuing to participate in crimes, other non-positive acts, and making plans to wreak havoc on citizens, have you stopped and asked yourself–what if it were you on the receiving end?

Times are difficult all over the world (no comfort to your ears); however, positive thoughts and actions will lead to positive results, all over the world.

Therefore; I say to you—think twice before you answer the voice of ignorance and negativity, put yourself in the prospective victim’s position, and most of all remember that you are better than your current situation—just apply positive thoughts and principles and your life will change for the better.

By Karl A. Haughton

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Together we can make a difference. Remember, but for the Grace of God one of these youths could be you or your child!




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