Meadowbrook High School Past Student Assn in Toronto will present the hilarious play, Mi Get Mi Landed

In an effort to raise funds for needy students in Jamaica

The Meadowbrook High School Past Student Association of Toronto, Canada has joined forces with Jamaican/Canadian playwright, Devon Haughton, in presenting his hilarious play, Mi Get Mi Landed; in an effort to raise funds to assit some needy students of Meadowbrook High School, in Kingston Jamaica.

Mi get Mi Landed will be presented on November 28, 2015 at the Jamaican Canadian Centre, 905 Arrow Road, Toronto Canada, at 8 pm. Ticket prices range from $12 – 40 per person.  For tickets and more information, please call (416) 427-0843 or (647) 828-4631 or contact

The stellar cast for this performance of Mi Get Mi Landed comprises Sharon Campbell, Letna Allen-Rowe, Christa Gayle-Muir, David Smith, Robert Gordon, and Lee Patience

Mi Get Mi landedThousands of theatre loving fans have enjoyed Haughton’s depiction of joy and sadness that some families experience from the process of obtaining legal residency status in Canada.

The play is about: A hardworking and smart woman, who returns to her native land of Jamaica, fell in love with the man of her dreams— a not so bright farmer— sponsors him and his unruly teenage son to Canada. What happens next between all three, her stroke-stricken mother, and her illegal and cantankerous half sister will make you wonder; filled with drama, comedy, betrayal, secrets and more.

A satisfied patron wrote on blogTO, “I have only one word to describe Mi Get Mi Landed, and that is FABULOUS!! Devon really outdid himself this time around. Each time he comes out with a play it tops the previous. All the performers were absolutely wonderful.”


The Meadowbrook High School Past Student Association is dedicated to helping and giving support to poor children. In  recent articles circulated on the Internet, children from Meadowbrook High School were reported to be in urgent need of funds in order to continue their education.

meadowbrook studentsWayne Swaby, President of the Meadowbrook Past Student Association, collaborated with Devon Haughton to channel their efforts to assist in this dire time of need.  All the net proceeds from the presentation of this performance of Mi get Mi Landed will be donated to the Meadowbrook High School, in Kingston, Jamaica.

By Karl A. Haughton



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