Managing stress in our daily lives

Are you facing a tough time meeting your deadlines at work? Does a waning bank balance steal your sleep away? Is exam knocking at your door but you are only halfway through your course studies?  Have quarrels become a daily problem in your relationship? These are only a few droplets from the vast ocean of the sea of stress in our lives. With growing urbanization, our expectations also keep mounting which often fails to match with the resources available around us. When such disparity is added to conflicts, criticism, and lack of support from others our mind plunges into a stressful state.

However, the level of stress often depends on an individual’s attitude towards life and how they tend to deal with a particular circumstance. To some people, stress is their driving force to success. So, some amount of stress is crucial in our life but when it crosses limits, anxiety can jeopardize our mind and body alike. Apart from disturbing our mental state, it also hails physiological issues like headaches, troubled sleep, high-blood pressure, and heart disorders. So we must take the time to learn how to handle stress in our life for the sake of a healthy and body.

First and foremost, you have to identify the sources of your stress and decide whether they can be dealt with or not.  If the answer is yes, then try to adjust your response according to the situation. For example, if your relative is always criticising your business venture and tormenting you with negative remarks, don’t let the comments disturb your mind.  Always believe that when your ambitions are high, minor obstacles will always impede your journey to success. But you should have the determination to overcome the factors without letting them frustrate you.

Sometimes, when certain stressful issues like a nagging boss has few solutions, you can choose to simply ignore him/her and learn to live with the situation as is– you will find that you have gotten used to the situation and it hardly annoys you anymore.   If you consider challenging the situation then tackle it in a firm and tactful way without being confrontational and without aggression. Sometimes, pessimistic people exert negative effects on your mind and hence, it is wise to stay away from them. Instead, seek the company of happy and optimistic people; their approach towards matters will make you feel positive and lift your spirits at the same time.

Apart from training your mind to adopt an upbeat outlook towards life, bring forth subtle changes in your way of life. Relaxation! It is the best medicine to relieve you of mental hassles and calm your senses. Use your leisurely moments to do some activities which your heart desires, spend time with your loved ones and block the cause of stress in your mind during that time. Involve yourself to thought-provoking games like crosswords, scrabble, and Sudoku to get your mind off worries. A good sleep can relax you a lot and a practice of enjoying soothing music or reading a book before going to bed is an added advantage.

A healthy diet, high in nutrient-packed foods and low in sugar and fat, in combination with daily exercise can magically drive away some of your stress and bestow a feel-good insight within you. Regular workouts like walking, running and playing your favourite sports stimulate the release of endorphins which lifts your mood and entice you to think positively.  Exercise also promotes increased oxygen supply to the brain and hence endorses clear thinking. Yoga and meditation are also great options to work out your body and soul. Relax your tensed muscles by massaging them in tender circular movements to seek respite from stress. Laughter therapy, acupuncture, and acupressure have also been found to be effective to help cope with mental tensions.

Accept life as it comes and keep a carefree attitude towards its every aspect.  You will find that the world has become a much better place to live in.  Liya Das. (TCC)



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