Makini Smith Walking Gracefully in her Stilettos

An exclusive insight into Makini’s walk in her Stilettos.

Makina smithRegardless of where we live or what our current circumstance or situations are, WE ARE BORN ROYAL. We do not have the ability to be paupers if we believe in ourselves.” – Makini Smith

This extraordinary and phenomenal woman lives by the saying “Turn every lesson into a blessing”, and has sought success in real estate, entrepreneurship, parenting, leadership, empowerment and writing. She identifies as an internationally published author adding to her already impressive curriculum vitae: she has definitely been an inspiration to many lives she has encountered through her many professions.

big quote marks“My road to business, positive consultation and healthy motivation began when my marriage ended. I was no longer a stay at home mother and wife. I dug deep and found my true desires waiting to be unleashed. When I became real with myself and others it became a gift that kept on giving.” – Makini Smith

Starting out with a career in real estate, eight years marked the time she decided to dip her talents in the realtor profession. Her passion to help others exuded as she was awarded the prestigious Top Producer Award in her first year and years after.

Another motto of hers is to “Give thanks by giving”, as she leads various groups and made a difference in the lives of those who surround her both directly and indirectly. She has, for years encouraged persons in and around her circle to strive to achieve their goals and take their place as phenomenal citizens. She enjoys hosting fundraisers and giving her time and support to local charities, and after completing the SisterTalk Circle Leadership programme – which aid in female empowerment – she found her calling.

“Helping others discover their potential and elevate their lives is quite rewarding. Being a SisterTalk Circle leader and empowering others to open to self-love in turn loving others harder is a huge reward. I’m a lover of love!” – Makini Smith

The thirty-five year old single mother of three banished all forms of adversity and made the life-changing decision to author her first book. This book is a recount of her telling her story to inspire women with similar journeys, which was published in February of this year.

makini smithThe book is entitled “A Walk In My Stilettos: How To Get Through The Struggle With Grace” was launched at the Bata Shoe Museum, located in Toronto, and since then the book has been received well by her intended audience. The museum celebrates the functionality and style of footwear in four unique and breathtaking galleries; an all time favourite of Makini. With her launch, supporters gained full access to the historic museum, a signed copy of the book, photographs with Makini herself, short reading sessions, wine and hors d’oeuvres, entertainment and chances to win giveaways. It was definitely an event to remember.

“I’ve realized that faith, courage, compassion and connection are the tools to living your best life and I wanted to share my wisdom and insights in a transparent story of overcoming adversity to achieving triumph.” – Makini Smith

In her book, she shares her triumph over challenges of being a teen mother, surviving a divorce, traumatic loss, becoming an entrepreneur, single motherhood and much more.

a walk in my stilettos excerpt“Makini Smith bares her soul….Her honesty about her life will impress you. This is not just another self help book. She is a real person and very much like people you know in your own family and circle of friends.” – Linda Proctor

Makini currently has a GRACE challenge trending on her website ( ) in which persons can sign up to participate. Once you download the .pdf, the introduction says ‘We all deal with adversity but could use a little help to get through. Would you like to know how to get through the struggle with grace? Practice these five things every day for the next 30 days and feel the difference in your life’. GRACE is an acronym for Gratitude, Royalty. Ambition, Consistency and Empowerment, and Makini takes you through how to practice them on your challenge.

She has participated in many events recently, including Umoja: The Sisterhood Expo; The Women’s Soiree; and been guest speaker at Success in the City Oshawa; SisterTalk in Ottawa; #Love&Poetry Tour in Toronto; among others.

Top Things you didn’t know about Makini:

  • Place of birth: Scarborough, Ontario
  • Top super foods: nuts, oranges, broccoli, spinach, salmon
  • Favorite pastime: Laying on the beach under an umbrella reading a book
  • Signature fashion piece: Her heels
  • Things she cannot live without: Her smart phone, day planner, to do list, electronic tablet, vehicle, humour, a good book and prayer.
  • Genre of music: Songs from the 90’s and early 2000’s; Mostly love songs from R&B
  • Top five must haves in her daily life: Ten minutes to herself to pray, hugs from her kids, cup of tea, thirty minute nap, some form of sweets
  • Favorite books: “The Gift of Imperfection: Letting go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are” by Brene Brown and “I Got You: Restoring Confidence in love and relationship” by Rob Hill.
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries

By Alexandra Daley

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