Maintaining My Beautiful Skin

How Can I Maintain My Beautiful Skin?

Regardless of age, everybody wants a beautiful skin. Thanks to technology, there are countless ways to help you to maintain beautiful beauty; the most popular being various beauty products to suit every skin type. Let’s have a look at how you can achieve and maintain a beautiful skin.

The basic structure of the skin

SKIN STRUCTURE 3Before we go looking for the best beauty regimen for our skin, we need to know it better. Contrary to what you might think, your skin is an organ itself, the largest one to be exact. Your skin is composed of two main layers: the epidermis on the outer part and dermis layer that consist of blood vessels, sweat glands, and subcutaneous fatty tissue. Just like other organs, your skin has their own purpose: acting as a barrier to protect from harmful elements, regulating temperature and fluid balance, and as a receptor to wide range of sensations.

Different people have their own distinct and basic types of skin: oily, dry, normal, or a combination of all three. Some may have very oily skin while some may have dry and flaky skin. Apart from gene–related factors, your skin coupled with climates and environment, that you are living in, will create your own ‘one of kind’ type of skin.

Various factors from climates can cause changes to your skin and in most cases, it’s unfavorable. The sun, for example, has powerful effect that can worsen your skin if there’s too much sun rays penetrating your skin. Even a tiny bit of tan indicates that your skin has been damaged, causing your skin to age prematurely. Ultra Violet (UV) rays break down collagen, causing your skin to form wrinkles as well as over stimulating pigment cells, forming brown spots.

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Your skin is naturally of soft structure and it looks best in humid conditions such as moments after rain has ended. This is because your skin draws up moisture from the air to the top layers of the skin, making them look naturally beautiful, moist, and supple. A dry environment (both in summer and winter) will only make your skin too dry, tight, and flaky.

Do this for a healthy, glowing skin

Beautiful skinTo avoid your skin from being negatively affected, it’s essential that you take several preventative steps to maintain your beautiful skin. Maintain a beauty regime that consists of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, using products that suit your skin types and follow this routine twice a day.

And since your skin obviously indicates the overall condition of your body, it’s is also important that you adopt a healthy diet with complete nutrients, coupled with plenty of water to help your body to flush out the harmful elements and prevent them getting into your skin!

Care your skin naturally

Aloe veraYou can maintain your skin with various beauty products but of course, the naturally made ones are the best. Why not try scrubbing your skin with grainy rice flour to get rid of dead cells or use aloe vera extracts as a natural moisturizer? And if your skin tans easily, massage it with a blend of honey and few drops of lemon juice for several minutes and rinse off to get back your natural skin colour.

Do you think that your beauty regime is good enough to maintain the health and beauty of your skin? Tell us how you do it and help others maintain their beauty too!

By Liya Das



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