Luciano – The Qabalah Man: New album from acclaimed roots Reggae singer

Iconic reggae superstar Luciano drops a new 14 track studio album on November 29, 2013. The Qabalah Man is yet another spiritual and rootsy set from a singer that has to date released more than 40 studio albums and over 20 compilations.

Luciano’s new album The Qabalah Man follows the popular Rub-A-Dub Market, a set released two years ago.

Luciano- Qabalah man“The name Qabalah Man is a name that I have called myself as a result of my studies in philosophy. Qabalah is a derivative from the Ancient Kabbalistic Mysticism of Ancient Egypt, which believes that the discovery and mastery of the self is the ultimate goal of life,” says Luciano.

The album contains material from producers based in Jamaica and Europe. Its main producer is Anthony Senior, who recently put out Junior Kelly’s album Piece of the Pie. Other producers include Luciano himself along with Michael Edgehill, Nasir Gowdie, Lawrence Gowdie, Cedrica ''Soljie'' Hamilton, Moritz van Korff, Benjamin Zecher and Jossi Coppola.

“Working with Luciano was great. We started in February and we had loads of fun. He is hard working, professional and easy to get along with,” explains Anthony Senior.

Luciano has a history of recording combinations with other artists. And The Qabalah Man features several well-known and lesser known singers, including U Roy, ZiggiRecado, Vido, Naptali, Mark Wonder and Bob Andy.

Like many other Jamaican artists Luciano’s musical career started in the church. In his case in Davey Town. He later moved to Kingston to pursue a recording career, a career that has been incredibly successful with a number of albums that are today regarded as modern classics.

Over the years he has shared his love for Rastafari, peace, unity and love over beautiful and soulful reggae riddims [sic], provided by some of the best producers around. With The Qabalah Man Luciano aims to tell the world that the journey continues. No matter what's happening in the world we stand our ground and do our best to maintain our consciousness.

“We are the light of the world and even in these dark days we will continue to emanate love and light through our music. We must work together harmoniously to create a new world and set a solid foundation for this generation, whilst also preparing a brighter future for the generations coming,” says Luciano.

For Luciano The Qabalah Man is yet another chapter in his long and fruitful career.

“I have always acknowledged music as a gift from God and so whenever I create music, I see my Creator as my guiding light and my main source of inspiration. Yes, there are topics that are more of a social commentary, but in the end the solution to all man's problem is through Jah. Therefore, it's essential to return to the Master and let him be our guiding Light,” concludes Luciano.

The Qabalah Man will be available on CD, with a booklet containing lyrics to every track, and as digital download on all major platforms on November 29, 2013 from Records. For further information on Luciano please visit

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