Local artistes and thespians are not marginalized

Local artistes and thespians are not marginalized

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Many local artistes and stage performers with aspirations of becoming international artistes often complain that promoters and presenters of music concerts and theatrical events do not promote them as much as they do renowned artistes and thespians.  To be fair to both promoters, presenter, and the local acts here are some points to consider:

International artistes

  • Internationally known artistes and thespians command a lot of money
  • Securing work permits, visas, airline, and hotel accommodations is always a tedious and nerve racking experience
  • Promotional and marketing efforts always come with stipulations from the artistes and or management team
  • Promotional and marketing cost of these acts are always costly–radio commercials, public relations, print, Internet, etc
  • Time is always limited, because these international artistes are always on tour and the tour schedules are not always announced timely enough to fit into the plans of promoters and presenters

Local artistes and thespians

To be considered to perform or appear on the same stage as international artistes should be seen as a positive aspect of one’s career. This opportunity must be seized and appreciated.  Use this opportunity to be added wind to propel your career sails.  Always be mindful that the call to perform is an indication that you are recognized and wanted.  Therefore, please take a minute to digest the points below and also share with others who may find it helpful.

  • Local artistes and thespians should all consider their career and be always prepared for the ‘call’
  • Always have a properly written biography
  • Always have at least 2 professionally taken photographs for publicity uses
  • Always have a working telephone number
  • Always have their presence positively represented on social media channels and videos
  • Always keep their social media accounts up to date
  • Always table and archive positive comments and moments of praise from their fans or the media—these will become helpful in making promotional statements
  • Always help promoters and presenters in their marketing efforts by—sharing posted information, encouraging your fans to support the event, and keep in close contact with them.

I am doing this in an effort to help local artistes and thespians to be aware of some of the elements that are involved in producing, promoting, or presenting an event.  I hope you take these points positively and always remember that if you need help in creating and implementing any of the suggestions I have made, please contact me (Karl A. Haughton) at (240)- 640 4839.



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