Links Across Borders Fostering Global Citizenship Through Partnerships


Links Across Borders is a registered Not-for-Profit organization based in the Greater Toronto Area. Links creates opportunities and coordinates programs for individuals, families, and groups to engage in local and international community development.

links across borders - workersOur mission at Links is to foster global citizenship through partnerships, community driven international development, and cultural education programs.

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Links Across Borders funded sustainability projects for orphaned children in Uganda. Links entered into a formal partnership with community development organization, DIVOG, in Ghana, West Africa. The first group of college students and community members to travel with Links to Ghana will leave in May to ReconnectReclaim and Remember in cultural immersion, learning tours, and community work.

In partnership with Ghanaian communities and organizations, Links coordinates trips for you to participate in community development work in Ghana.

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Links Across Borders creates local reading clubs, builds libraries, designs reading programs and provides books for children in Ghana.

Links Across Borders coordinates cultural education programs for deepening knowledge of African ancestry and develop race esteem.

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