Limbo Like This and help Friends of Cascade Medical Mission to Portland, Jamaica

Noted Caribbean Diaspora advocate, Dr. Claire Nelson demonstrated her storyteller, playwright and performance artiste chops with her one-woman show LIMBO LIKE THIS, which explores Caribbean American Life.

Limbo Like This and help Friends of Cascade Medical Mission to Portland, Jamaica

Dr. Claire Nelson in Limbo Like This

Limbo Like This, made its South Florida premiere on May 28th at 4 pm, as a fundraiser for Friends of Cascade Medical Mission to Portland, Jamaica.

The 70-minute play, story, poetry, and spoken word commentary in the style of Caribbean icons Louise Bennett and Paul Keens Douglas is in Nelson’s words, “A composite based on my own experiences of trying to build community. The play attempts to address the question, what is community, where is home, and how we stake claim to the American dream.”

Nelson adds, “The play starts from the premise that there are archetypes of the Caribbean personality in every Caribbean community. We know them – when we see them. This work is demi-semi-autobiographical so that I have the freedom to invent ‘alternative facts’ needed to allow us to see ourselves. One of the key questions my alter-ego asks is, what are we willing to do to make a difference — Solo and Together?”

Ultimately, Nelson says that ‘Limbo Like This’ is a play about Caribbean Life in America. “I would like any one attending to see in the stories shared, reflections of their own journey or of people they know, and to ask themselves, not only what I am willing to do for the American Dream, but also what am I willing to do in the service of community.”

A futurist and sustainability engineer, Nelson has honed her performance skills as Artistic Director of the folkloric performance groups, Mudra Caribe Dancers and Caribbean Heritage Singers from 1982-1993. The award winning playwright’s performance credits include: “Aliens and Towel Heads” at Atlas Festival of the Arts in Washington DC; and the “Emerge Festival of the Future” in Phoenix, Arizona. Nelson’s hit comedy “Resident Alien” played to sold out houses in Kingston and Bridgetown. She is currently working on ”Yeah Moon” a story set in 2036, about being the first Jamaican on the Moon and Co-Founder of the UPSTARTS, the United Planetary Society to Assure Rights to Space For All, and a member of the Citizen Space Cadets, working on the First Lunar World Heritage Site. “Limbo Like This” is her fifth play, and first solo effort. Her passion is to use theater to help people aspire and be inspired.

For information on how you might Book, LIMBO LIKE THIS for your school, church or community organization, please call (202) 638-0460.



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