Let’s Make Callaloo!

What is Callaloo

Callaloo is a cultural children’s media brand that creates books, digital content, animation and live performances for children ages 3-7. Using folklore (Caribbean Diaspora / World culture), we promote literacy through community, history and cultural preservation.

In two short years, the Callaloo team has touched thousands of children worldwide through our book, web-series and live performances. We know first hand what parents want for their kids, what teachers are missing in the classroom and most importantly what kids get excited about! We use cultural stories from the past to empower and educate children in the present!

let's make callalooWhen you support Callaloo and our products, you are supporting a new generation of education, young people and cultural literacy and action.

donate nowWhat We Need & What You Get:

When you donate your money goes to:

  • HOW TO WITH CALLALOO (public tv kids show / online web-series)
  • National Touring, Children’s Programs, Readings
  • Animation, Games and App Development
  • Callaloo 2 (The second book in the series!)

The Impact

When you support Callaloo you are:

  • Supporting Cultural Literacy and Diverse storytelling worldwide
  • Preserving Caribbean/African Diaspora storytelling and folklore
  • Investing in the future of children’s media (books, television, film, animation, games and merchandise)


Want more info on Callaloo? Visit us online: www.callaloothebook.com



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