Leonie’s motherhood journey continues

Leonie and mom
On the road to Motherhood

The newest lesson on this motherhood journey is all about forgiveness. And the lesson came from everywhere and surprised me, as usual. I got honest with myself about how I’d been carrying around a little bit of hurt and righteous indignation related to some people I love deeply who have chosen not to support me on this journey, and how it was time to let that go…again. Seems like I release it, and then something will happen that has me cycling back through the hurt again and I’m almost back where I started.

Yuck. Another lesson came through my encounters with moms and moms-to-be who are really just doing the best they can, and who sometimes struggle with so much guilt about are they parenting well enough, and how do I manage work and parenting, and God forbid I really enjoy my job and am glad that I’m not a stay at home mom does that make me a bad mother, and wow I like being a stay at home mom does that make me a horrible woman.  Continue reading




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