Laugh with Glen ‘Titus’ Campbell in the hilarious play Right Girl Wrong Address

Laugh with Glen 'Titus' Campbell in the hilarious play Right Girl Wrong Address

Glen Campbell

The story is set in the capital city of an Island washed by the Caribbean Sea and explores the ingrained societal prejudices faced by residents of the Inner-City, simply because of their place of residence, and some of the actions they employ to overcome considerable odds.

The writer takes us into the world of young inner-city product Charm(aine) and her struggles to provide for her family as the sole breadwinner. It is a world in which the mask of prejudice is removed to reveal some of the harsh realities of life in the ghetto, and the disdain of uptown towards their plight. Read more here

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I STRONGLY encourage persons to go out and see this play. The script was excellent and the cast superb. From the lead actors to the those with cameo appearances… all members did an excellent job. As it relates to the script – I will say the first half of the play focused on keeping the audience in stitches!!! Laughter galore. The second half then took you the whole gamut of emotions… laughter, tears and ultimately… well, I won’t say but encourage you all to go out and see it!!!!! Barry Siwel ·

Right Girl Wrong Address is the best play I have seen.— Faithlyn Myles

Laugh with Glen 'Titus' Campbell in the hilarious play Right Girl Wrong Address

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 A glance at Glen Campbell

English born Jamaican actor, Glen Campbell came to prominence when he played the lead role in the 1990 JBC TV sitcom “Titus in Town”. Since then, he has appeared in over 70 stage productions, working with most of Jamaica’s leading practitioners.

Memorable theatrical productions include

  • Smile Orange (1995), Dirty Diana (2001), Ras Noah and the Hawk (2005),
  • Class of 73 (2006), Love Games (2007), Charlie’s Angels (2011)
  • Ladies Of The Night (2013), The Baby Scam (2015), Duppy Whisperer (2015) and Matey Chronicles (2017).

Glen’s film credits include

  • Entry Denied (1996), Third World Cop (1999), Small Island (2009)
  • Shoot the Girl (2017), and more recently, the soon to be released Sprinter (2017)

A Jamaica College (high school) graduate, Glen completed his formal training in Theatre Studies at Rose Bruford College, Kent, UK, and to date has received numerous awards, including

  • UTECH President’s Award for Culture 2012;
  • Inducted into Caribbean Hall of Fame for Theatre 2012;
  • 6 Actor Boy Awards – 1997, 2007, 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017 (for his current role as Ricky Prince).

When not on stage, Glen is a Company Director and Talent Liaison for Jambiz Intl. Ltd, finds time to spin music with the legendary “Merritone” Music as DJ Glen C, as well as function as a national adjudicator for the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s Speech and Drama Competitions.

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