Lady Saw turns her life to Christ

Lady Saw turns her life to Christ

“God has just spoken to me. He did so at J Capri service and finish it off in my house. I’m now a servant of the Lord. All my dancehall shows will be cancelled ‘cause God has call me to work for him now, Glory be to the most high God,” – Dancehall deejay, Lady Saw

Coincidently, this isn’t the first time Lady Saw, formally known as Marion Hall, contemplated the big move to turn her life over to Christ since 2012, however, she reports that this time is different. The Jamaica Gleaner even reported on Emancipation Day, August 1, 2013, Lady Saw stated that it was her last performance on Reggae Sumfest; as she is going to test her hand at Gospel music. She was also quoted that “I am retiring because I hate the business. Dancehall too wicked. I am not loving it anymore, so I am going to get baptised.” A year prior, she had made a similar revelation, but never followed through.

“This time I have accepted Jesus. I said yes, Lord, I am ready, I am here, I have accepted God and whatever is going to happen with promoters will just have to happen. I am now a warrior for Christ and who don’t like it will just have to learn. God has chosen me as a new servant. I will be ministering on his behalf… I am ready,” she stated in a report in the Jamaica Observer.

Lady Saw turns her life to Christ

Hall explained that although she has many struggles in her life, she has never had a revelation like this, and as a result, she would never turn her back on Christ again. Her confirmation of her change was her getting baptized and cancelling all her shows and tours for the season.

“…….It’s like God was talking to me and saying something is wrong cause I am just cussing out my family then I realized that God was in my house and I started to preach and get into spirit. God started giving me the answers to the questions I was asking. Like when I said how am I going to do this? He told me ‘you have people’. He told me to apologize to my family because it was the stress that comes from being responsible for my family that caused me to cuss them out. He told me to form a strong family unit, find a church, become Evangelist Hall and get the family unit into the church. I have used part of my life to serve the devil — all those things on stage. The rest of my life belongs to Christ and I am ready to work”

Contrary to popular belief, this change was not merely an overnight decision based on impulse, but a move that has been contemplated for months in advance.

“It all was leading up to this moment. When I look back on the fact that I said I was gonna do a raw album. I started to write the lyrics, got the ‘riddims’ and all now I can’t go and voice those tracks. I keep saying to myself how you doing a gospel album and it’s like you are going back to that kind of thing…Well it’s a wrap… not going back.”

Lady Saw turns her life to ChristKnown for her raunchy music and explicit content, she has received much backlash and criticism for her decision to become Christian. Nonetheless, she garnered unwavering support from her fellow entertainers and gospel artistes:

“Persons gave me two weeks to backslide, but they didn’t tell me which year. I’m still here. I will tell Marion to listen to God, not man because man look on the outward but God examines the heart,” said gospel artiste, Lt. Stitchie.

“We stand with her, we stand in prayer with her and we want people to recognize that God can change any person. He (God) didn’t come to call the righteous; He came to call the sinner. What I would encourage Lady Saw to do and that’s what I did – get herself embedded in bible studies. She has to get into the word of God and feed her Spirit-man. The music will always be there, God gifted her in that area so just get into the word of God,” Papa San said.

“I would tell Lady Saw to try to know God for herself and not through anyone else. Spend time in fasting and prayer and the word as well. And don’t be discouraged if she sees things in the church that she didn’t expect. You know the saying that you have good cops and bad cops? It’s the same in the church. So don’t be discouraged by that.” DJ Nicholas encouraged.

Onward Christian soldiers. March.

Can she motivate others to change their ways?

By Alexandra Daley



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