Ladies Footwear: The Top 2016 Trends

As we continue to welcome the New Year, the wardrobe, shoe closet and the accessory corners are all set to see a re-alignment. For the ladies footwear segment, while some of the trends started off in 2015 might continue, the emphasis seems to be shifting on to glitter and heavy with an eye on contours, shapes and structuring.

For most women their footwear is not just another fashion accessory but more often than not as striking a statement making platform as their outfit. Therefore without wasting any more time on detailing, here’s a sneak peek at the top trends for 2016 in ladies footwear.

Silver Is Here To Stay

Look at what’s being created by some of the best known brands in the industry like Gucci, Rodarte, Dolce & Gabbana or Givenchy, silver figures prominently in the 2016 collection. Be it the stilettos, wedges or the slippers, the silver sparkle features prominently in next spring.

Ladies Footwear: The Top 2016 TrendsSo while the silver at the mint might be seeing a crisis, there is no such dearth seen in the footwear industry and if the trends are anything to go by, be prepared for more of this sparkling grey metal.

Glitter And Embellishments

Ladies Footwear: The Top 2016 TrendsAnother hot trend to follow in 2016 is the extensive use of glitter and embellishments. Be it sparkles, crystals or any other type of embellishment, this year is going to be one statement making exercise of its own type.

Not just the designer brands but if you go and check out the ladies footwear trends in any shoe mart, the amount of sequin work that is being incorporated is not just startling but in many ways an ample indicator of the style trends that are set to rule in the ensuing year. So whether you use them to accessorise a plain dress or use them to flaunt your fashion quotient, be ready to be dazzled in 2016. Also, don’t forget to use coupons while shopping. My first purchase saved me 50% after using askmebazaar coupon  from There are 100’s of sites available where you can easily copy coupon codes without paying anything to them.

Sneaker in New Avatar

Whether it is your jogging shoes or the plain walking shoes if you have been troubled ever by the lack of options, this is your opportunity to celebrate. Come 2016 and the sneakers are being reinvented in classic and stylish avatars. Colour variations and fluorescent jogging trails are passé now.

You now have them in shapes, forms and designs never imagined before. The exciting new variations in their look and use will make you want for more. So don’t forget to go look for your top choices in this range of shoes in 2016.

Boots With A Glitter

Ladies Footwear: The Top 2016 Trends

Boots too are getting a makeover this season. Come 2016 and you will see your boots in a never seen form. From embellished glitter deco to startling countered looks. Undeniably this is set to be one of the most startling makeovers that ever hit the ladies footwear segment.

They are set to include all from booty style looks to elaborate embroidery and intricate patterns made on leather, these western style boots with contemporary patterns are set to be amongst the show stealers in the New Year.

Elaborate Heels

Remember the signature Christian Louboutin shoes with the trademark red soles and the furore that it created in the fashion world. Well if that is where you see your shoe styling heading forth to then 2016 has a lot to offer in terms of fashion quotient.

Ladies Footwear: The Top 2016 Trends2016 is likely to weigh heavily in favour of elaborate heels from stud fitted ones to even the types made of marble. So watch out for the type that you would be floored with.


All in all 2016 is set to be a mix of the unusual with the traditional, a reinvention of the old classics in modern avatars and overall reign of the stylish with a twist. But be warned there is nothing for the light-hearted. Dare devil, flamboyant and undeniably the best that imagination could cook up.

Be it the high heeled, the humble sandals, the big boots or the reliable sneakers, get set to be not just wowed but for an absolute oomph quotient in ladies footwear. You would be proud to wear them and floor all your admirers. Shoes more than ever before are likely to become the centre point of your dressing routine in 2016.

By Priyanka Chowdary

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