Krista Forbes a Beacon of Hope for Student Athletes

Krista Forbes a Beacon of Hope for Student Athletes

Krista Forbes

Krista Forbes has been the beacon of hope for those who have the potential but lack the funds and opportunity to seize their greatness, especially at the high school level. Since 2014, she has been coaching high school athletes on just how to seize the right offers by maximizing the prospects afforded to them. She has secured over $3 million in scholarships for these athletes and has placed them in numerous universities and colleges such as Towson, Georgia Tech, Villanova, Howard, and more.

About Her Dream

She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the College Pro Academy. Through the debut of her business, she helps the student-athletes in positioning themselves in the line of college recruits, communicate with college coaches on behalf of the athletes, assesses athlete’s academic and athletic abilities to best fit them with colleges, and pick the best offers which empower their all-rounded goals.

“I’ve successfully created and launched recruitment boot camps, and online recruitment prep courses designed to walk student-athletes through the ins and outs of the recruitment process in 7 weeks or less.” – Krista Forbes

The mission of her company is “Through innovative programs, mentorship and full utilization of our ever-expanding network of College Pros, The College Pro Academy is committed to guiding student-athletes through the rigors of pursuing higher education through athletics and academics.”

She is a sociable and charismatic individual who is very passionate about what she does. She allowed that passion to flow into her business after she went through the rigors of learning the tricks and trade of college recruitment and developed a greater appreciation for same.

After this realization, she migrated to the United States with the ultimate goal to help athletes in November 2014. She wanted to secure a track scholarship like her older sister, but as she waited, nothing came into fruition, so she stopped waiting and made it her duty to find opportunities by herself for herself. With help from her coach and guidance counselor, she started on the journey to learn how the recruitment process worked and how she could acquire a much-needed scholarship.

Being a final year student, she finds that her greatest ideas materialize in the wee hours of the morning and through this habit, she has been able to complete the overhaul of her business plan which is a personal achievement in itself. Overall in terms of creating a balance, it has not been easy being a student and a coach as she has to designate time to her business and schoolwork. Since her earliest class is 11 am, she is able to stay up late and tries not to miss her classes, there are times when it is inevitable due to business travel.

Krista Forbes a Beacon of Hope for Student Athletes

Krista Forbes

However, she had to take a break from her business because of burnout and realizing this caused her to step back and give herself some tender loving care. She was isolated and focused on her business and all other aspects of her life were suffering; when she was not at track, internship or class, she dedicated all her time to entrepreneurship. In the long run, she found that it was not worth it… at all.

With her support system who believed in her every step of the way, she was able to conquer and control the debilitating behavior and was most successful when she listened to what her body needed. Her support system includes her close friends, mentors, and family who are able to help her work towards her goals and give her positive and constructive criticism when called for and keep her grounded. Nowadays, she is present in her life and is more inclined to do what makes her happy and is way less stressed as a result.

She has been afforded opportunities which have tempted her to take shortcuts in order to get to her goals quicker, but she has walked away from them if they were not in keeping with her values, nor right for her. Throughout this year, she was conflicted between what she deemed important and what society deemed important for her. She realized that she would carve a life she wanted and that her business and goals don’t consume her as life is not promised to anyone.

Learning from others who have reached where she wants to be is her biggest motivation as she has audited her values and wants to be mentored by someone who has her values and who has achieved what she wants to achieve in the future.

She is a believer of faith and that everything will work out because it is her destiny. Forbes admits that since her company launched in 2014, she has reaped the rewards since 2016 and every day has been a learning experience for her in terms of being a ‘Jill’ of all trades. She has been expanding to reach more athletes outside of the Caribbean; she has worked with athletes from Ghana, the US, England, and the reach is only growing.

Professionally, her highlights include managing a successful business and securing millions in college scholarships for student-athletes to enroll in top universities and realize their potential. She believes that these students have so much untapped talent but need some help through the recruitment process and a push in the right direction.

Her 2019 plans include launching a seven-week recruitment preparation boot camp, where she will be working with ten student-athletes each in September 2018 and January 2019, and also hopefully partner with Jamaican high schools in due course. She also hopes to grow her team so she can do more than what she is physically doing now; her ultimate goal is to give student-athletes the opportunity to finance their education and soar to a new level even if it entails going abroad.

Krista Forbes a Beacon of Hope for Student Athletes

Krista Forbes

We wish her all the best in her future endeavors as she has realized her talent and made a business out of it, not to mention the talent of student-athletes who don’t have the support system backing them. We look forward to great things from Krista Forbes.

By Alexandra Daley



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