You know you’re a final year student when…

Final year has inevitably been one of the most stressful years of every university student’s life, even if they profess that they are the most organized, goal driven person and they ‘got this’.

You know you're a final year student when...


No. You don’t ‘got this’ love. You might have a piece of it, but the string that has you dangling from the clock of time left that we call life has you holding on  with every fiber of your being. Don’t let go.

Every student in their final year can attest to feeling like they have reached the end at one point in their life. If it’s not blatant bursts of stress punching them down as they try to crawl to the light at the end of the tunnel that is graduation, it’s the silent killer kind of stress that creeps up from behind. At least you can know you’re stressed at times, where you feel overwhelmed and dare I say depressed; but the times where you don’t know you’re stressed are the most daunting. You lose your appetite, you feel de-motivated like you can’t get out of bed; you’re drained even when you sleep the full nine yards; are some of the symptoms.

But there are inevitably universal indicators that final year students can use to know that their life boat is coming to their rescue and the graduation cap and gown is not too far down the stream.

You know you're a final year student when...

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I took the liberty of asking some final year students, both past and present, “what were their highest and lowest points of being a final year?”, these were their responses:

“The highest point for me was that I was finished and that I would be starting a new journey and also this was the year I was most comfortable and knew all I had to do to achieve a certain grade. The lowest point for me was the fear of not knowing what was next and realizing that things were changing all in an instant whether I liked it or not.” – 2015 Graduate, Actuarial Science BSc., Science and Technology Faculty.

“The highest point was knowing that it was almost over and I had no student loan debt. The lowest point was thinking that I’ve reached thus far to fail and the pressure was on, courses seemed more challenging.” – 2015 Graduate, Mona School of Business and Management, Social Sciences Faculty.

quotesMy highest point to be honest, was the fact that this was the last lap….Lowest point was the intolerable individuals I was forced to work with for group assignments and the amount of weight that group work carries in grading.” – 2016 Graduate, CARIMAC, Humanities & Education Faculty.

“My highest point is that you no longer have to study, you can finally graduate and the Principal shakes your hand and everyone sees your achievement. Lowest point is if you apply for jobs after and you can’t find a job or you, someone who is a graduate would possibly fear the unknown…..Luckily that is not the case for me.” – 2016 Graduate, Computer Science BSc., Science and Technology Faculty.

“The highest point was being president of my association and being able to influence others while focusing on my school work.. Lowest point is currently because I am fighting to get a grade that I know I deserve.” – 2016 Graduate, Psychology BSc., Social Sciences Faculty.

You know you're a final year student when...

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While some have happy moments, some indicators represent various hurdles students have to encounter in order to walk across that glorious stage. Here are the top 10:

  1. Your professor seems to think you are taking only one class.
  2. You have a billion tasks to complete and everything is unrelated to what you need to do to finish school.
  3. Your social isolation has sky rocketed and your friends think that you are missing in action indefinitely.
  4. You sleep more than a squirrel in hibernation.
  5. Your tolerance level is lower than the freezing point. Anger is the new mood.
  6. Every test and assignment is seemingly due on the same day or in the same week.
  7. You avoid looking at your exam timetable like it’s the plague.
  8. You know how many days are left until finals are over.
  9. The freshman fifteen has miraculously evolved to the senior seventy.
  10. Summer is the best thing since sliced bread (and you already have your bucket list).

But regardless of the time and how fast the days are winding down, still make every moment count as a final year; it is supposed to be one of the best times of your life. When you get your degree it would have all been worth it. When you start working you’re going to miss these days where the only stress was handing in assignments and studying for exams, and paying rent.

By Alexandra Daley



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