Kiwie Dan Couture! What’s hot this Summer!

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – KIttitian born Yakima Daniel of Keys Village is making the summer extra hotter with her soft femininity designs with an urban-classy vibe, as she introduces her new clothing line ‘Kiwie Dan Couture’.She designs women’s clothing that range from trendy ready-to-wear to a more upscale sophisticated look, such as summer outfits and evening wear.

Like paintings on a gallery wall, the artful designs have already received great reviews as the budding designer introduces her passion to the world. And speaking of passion, there is no doubt that Fashion Design is Daniel’s calling, ever since she was a young child, she was making clothing by hand for her Barbie dolls and after realizing the results were good she started making skirts on her mother’s sewing machine. 

One particular outfit stood out in her mind. “I remember one day when I was about 8 years old I decided to make an outfit, a green skirt and vest which I wore to Sunday school. The suit was so amazing that I received many compliments about it,” she said. This led to the start of her own clothing line, and by high school she was designing and sewing.

“I was designing and sewing clothes such as work uniforms and dresses for paying customers. One project I did during my high school days was creating knee-length jean skirts with my name embroidered on one of the back pockets and a rose embroidered on the other. Many girls placed their orders to get theirs.”

Obviously part of the name in her clothing line ‘Kiwie’ derived from the Kiwi fruit which she says has a soft texture and a sweet but unique flavor, “just like my designs which are unique with a touch of class” while the ‘Dan’ was short for her surname. “Like Daniel, the Prophet in the Bible who was a very successful survivor, so, too, my designs which are of high quality apparel are made to last,” she said.

Presently she is creating a website where she can sell her designs online and plans to open a store in St. Kitts. “Although I will have my own line, I will also do custom work for persons interested. I am also expanding to encompass formal wear for men, as no one should be left out,” she said. 

Daniel graduated a few months ago with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Economics from the Midwestern State University in Texas. She has plans of going to Fashion Design School in the near future.  

“Although many keep asking why Economics and not Fashion Design, the Economics will come in handy when I am trying to determine factors in the production and consumption of my clothing line and the transfer of capital to produce and obtain my resources.

“I will also use my degree to test how people interact within the fashion markets since Economics is a driving force of human interaction.” Daniel has helped to create costumes, while she was attending university, for their events ‘Caribfest’ and ‘Expressions’ where the Caribbean Culture is displayed, and also did custom work for customers who wanted something fancy to wear to events such as Weddings. 

“Presently, I am working on some dresses for one of the ladies who will represent St Kitts in a pageant.  “Sewing has always been my passion. It’s crazy but I just get the urge to sew,” she said.

Until her website is completed persons interested in contacting Daniel can do so by viewing her Facebook Fanpage

By: Suelika N. Creque,



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