Keshorn had some soca in his Javelin

Keshorn Walcott of Trinidad and Tobago won a gold medal in the London 2012 Olympics.  His masterful performance secured the Republic’s first Olympic gold in a field event.  It was the first gold medal for Trinidad and Tobago in any event since Hasely Crawford won the 100m in Montreal in 1976.

His victory stopped Europe's dominance of javelin at the games. American Cyrus Young, who won in 1952, is the only other non-European to win the event. Keshorn Walcott is also the world junior champion established a national record with a throw of 277 feet, 6 inches on his second attempt at the 2012 Olympics. This throw was golden. "It hasn't caught up with me yet. I can't really believe what I've done," the 19-year-old Walcott said.

He was elated as he stated, "Making the semifinal was great for me. Then coming to the end of the competition, I was realizing I'm still in front.  Keshorn told reporters that his adrenalin level was very high as he approached his final throw. He stated, “My heart was beating really fast going into the last throw. I knew these guys were experienced. But I am so happy now. A personal best was my target and just making the final was the best I had hoped for.”

According to Keshorn, who was an aspiring cricketer, he began throwing javelin just 4 years ago.  He was a bowler in cricket and realized that the throwing of a javelin and bowling has some similarities. Therefore, the transition to this sport was not difficult for him.  Some have said that this brings a new approach to the sport.

This sport has a deep root in Finland. In her response to being asked about the performance of Keshorn, silver medal winner Antti Ruuskanen of Finland answered, "It never feels so good. But it's good for javelin."

Walcott hopes that his victory motivates others to support the sport. "It wasn't the most popular event in Trinidad and Tobago. Hopefully, now it will be known more," Walcott said. Winning the Olympic gold medal at age 19 may come with added responsibilities, however, he welcomes the challenges and he is happy for his accomplishments.



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