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The 65th Emmy awards were held last night (September 22, 2013) and once again no female actress of African heritage won the coveted award of Lead Actress in a Drama Series. This has continued the conversations of racism in America. We have listed below some of the conversations we found interesting on social media. The views expressed are not those of The Caribbean Current.

Winner: Claire Danes, Homeland, Showtime
Nominees: Connie Britton, Nashville, ABC; Claire Danes, Homeland, Showtime; Michelle Dockery, Downton Abbey, PBS; Vera Farmiga, Bates Motel, A&E; Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men, AMC; Kerry Washington, Scandal, ABC; Robin Wright, House of Cards, Netflix


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Here are some thoughts and converstaions from various individuals. We invite you to share yours with us.

Valencia Winston 

We feel this way because it is always a struggle for African Americans to be heard, seen, respected, and equally acknowledged. We are forever getting shunned. My twelve year-old daughter had a chance to see history tonight. She doesn't understand what happened? I'm sick of telling her "That's just the way it is for our people." African Americans always have to wait until next time. We are tired of this BS. Claire Danes has already won. Why couldn't a history making moment, just be allowed? It's not like allowance hasn't happened for other actors. WE ARE SICK OF THIS.

The Emmy's had one African American actress nominated in the lead actress category in 40 years, and she doesn't stand a chance of winning? More insulting Dan Bucantinsky wins? Are you kidding me? Turn the tables, and see if other races wouldn't feel a hint of racism.

Tom Montz 

Can I ask about your comment 'Why couldn't a history making moment, just be allowed". So you are saying that just because one black person was nominated in 40 years that Kerry Washington jst be given the award. I respect her work and loved her in Ray but I grew up and teach my children that things in life have to be earned, There are no handouts in life.

That is the problem with American these days is that everyone wants something for free. And this is for all races. So if Serena Williams beats a White woman from Netherlands in Wimbledon that it is unfair because a woman from the netherlands never won before?

Valencia Winston 

That's just it sir. That's BS because for African Americans things have never, and are never fairly earned. Look at the hell that our President has to go through daily. There have been far worst administrators, but they disrespect that he get's is undeserved. There is nothing in this Country that African Americans have gotten for free. Truth is Claire Danes did not out act Kerry Washington. No way, No how. No one is asking for anything for "free." We want justice and equality sometimes, without it always having to go through the process of racism before it is achieved.

Monique Shaird @msepiphany69

I hate the Emmy's! I knew they wasn't going to let @kerrywashington win smh #racist #fucktheemmys

10:04 PM – 22 Sep 2013

Vanessa Fiore @Nessa_Peaches

@PrimetimeEmmys I am pulling the racist card on you since kerry washington did not win

10:18 PM – 22 Sep 2013

“Homeland” actress Claire Danes took home the Emmy Award for lead actress in a drama series. One of the nominees she beat out was “Scandal’s” Kerry Washington. Danes is white. Washington is black. Some viewers leapt to the knee-jerk conclusion that raaaaaaaacism was to blame.

† Carolina Blue † @zosoangel

The #Emmys you are truly one redneck racist award show. Kerry Washington was robbed because she's black.

go ducks daddy @dma_pdx

Racist RT @Pink_Dagger: WTF. Kerry Washington was robbed! ROBBED!!!!! #Emmys

Vanessa Fiore @Nessa_Peaches

If kerry washington is trending….cause she should have won. Diane carrole is probably so angry right now. I'm calling the academy racist

MsDimples @MsNadaNee

" @kerrywashington is the only reason why I watched that #racist shit tonight #Emmys

FreeSpirit @KingMeBaby1

@Oprah how can you even support this bullshit racist Emmy production. I cannot believe this is 2013. This was Kerry Washington's moment!!!

10:06 PM – 22 Sep 2013

FreeSpirit @KingMeBaby1

The #Emmys is the biggest whitewashed production ever.You robbed Kerry Washington of an award that she deserved.Go to fucking hell! #Racist

Columbus Short        âœ” @ColumbusShort1

Robbed. Robbed I tell you. ROBBED. @kerrywashington is without question the MOST OUTSTANDING. Well see you next year Emmys. @scandalabc

MsDimples @MsNadaNee

She should have won smh #Racist #Emmys @ColumbusShort1 @kerrywashington @ScandalABC

10:01 PM – 22 Sep 2013

 M @marciMcFly

so people are already saying that its racist that Kerry Washington didn't win the award. Is it though?

Ms. O'shaughnessy @CosImAfrican

@marciMcFly I wanted kerry to win but she was up against some pretty good actresses though…I don't see how it's racist

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