Kelia Makes Planning Easier With Daily Lemon

Kelia Makes Planning Easier With Daily Lemon

Kelia Campbell, Founder of Daily Lemon

At some point, things slip our minds due to the many things we have to accomplish on a daily basis. Twenty-three-year-old Kelia Campbell has certainly created a niche in helping others to keep plans in perspective. Drawing on her creative talents and her passion for making things she has impacted the lives of the muddled freshman to the perfection obsessive senior.

“I’m a very easy going person, very down to earth, and tolerant. I deem myself to be driven and persistent. I’m very passionate about teaching and organization, but I just consider myself as simple.” –Kelia Campbell.

Kelia is always trying new things (experiences, adventures, foods, anything she can get her hands on), and she enjoys helping others. She is very family-oriented and draws inspiration from persons who rise above their struggles and in turn inspire others. Kelia grew up in St. James, Jamaica, where she graduated from Westwood High school.  She now attends the University of the West Indies and is currently in her third year of pursuing a degree in the medical sciences.

How did her passion for organization emerge and why did she decide to turn it into a business?

Truth is, she admitted that she has always been what she calls a “planner phonetic”. She invested in journals/notebooks in which she would add her own personal flare, armed with a ruler, pen and some highlighters. Now termed ‘bullet-journaling’, she would record her extra-curricular activities, assignments, important dates, etc., throughout her schooling in her custom planner. However, it was during her first year of tertiary education that her now business and life partner gave her the suggestion of creating her own custom business planner.

“I took it lightly. The following year I went back to my custom planner (bullet journaling), and a girl in my class asked me to make one for her and she would pay. So I took the business proposal seriously and took about six months to do some in-depth research, planning, and organizing on how to start and manage a business just on the planner niche overall.” –Kelia Campbell.

One may ask, how does she find the time, while pursuing her studies, which are already quite demanding, in addition to running a business. She says it’s due to her planning and organization skills which are in line with her passion. However, she also divulges that she has had many sleepless nights as a result of either studying or printing the planners, but with her mastery of scheduling, she is able to balance work, school and her social life.

About Daily Lemon

Kelia Makes Planning Easier With Daily Lemon

“After some serious soul searching, I narrowed in on the three big passions in my life – teaching, organization and empowering people. In focusing on those true passions, Daily Lemon was born – a company that is steeped in its mission of teaching individuals to be organized and empowering them to feel their very best.” –Kelia Campbell.

The Leo made the realization that Jamaica’s lifestyle doesn’t give the planner addict the opportunity to organize their lives using colours, which inspire persons to accomplish their goals and plan for their future. With that mindset, she started creating high quality, affordable, functional and attractive products which she branded Daily Lemon.

“When life throws you lemons you make lemonade”. Yes, cliché, but that’s where the name came from for the business. Every day you may be faced with different challenges and in life, you encounter failures, roadblocks, detours etc., which I consider to be lemons. What our planner provides is a method/means to make those lemons into lemonade, lemon detox water, lemon meringue pie, etc.” –Kelia Campbell.

Kelia has always created planners because of her passion and also found that she can make financial profits from it; however, she has never made profit the driving force for her efforts. The satisfaction of her customers is enough reward for her, so when she gets an order, she takes it as an opportunity to help someone improve his/her life.

The online store and her social media accounts have made it easier for potential customers to purchase planners, notepads, journals and stickers for their planning needs.

“I didn’t expect so many people to be interested; when I started I just thought maybe a few orders. As I said before, it wasn’t something to be rich from, still isn’t, but persons have been ordering for events and for their business as staff gifts etc.” –Kelia Campbell.

Kelia’s audience includes corporate workers, business owners, students and anyone desiring to plan for the future. Starting out, she grew her follower base on social media through her adverts and customer referrals. As time elapsed, the feedback she received was nothing short of tremendous, since she took the decision to change a few things. The transformation with her packaging, adding new products (like binders and journals), and more engagement on social media really gave her more exposure for herself and her product; customers got excited due to the re-branding. She also makes her brand distinctly a stationery supplies business (as some customers misunderstood her logo prior).

“I can say that the changes I have made with the rebranding have made a lot of new faces join in on the Daily Lemon family. All my customers got so excited, and I also introduced some new products so I was able to offer something for every one of our supporters.” –Kelia Campbell.

What Lies Ahead…

Along with her business Daily Lemon, Kelia has branched out to conceptualize Lemon Logic, (given the tools to engage in proper planning) which will enable business owners to strategize their plans to be successful at growing their empire.

The aspiring doctor also is in preparation for pursuing her passion for motivational speaking, but she wants to gain more life experience to do that; she hasn’t ruled it out yet.

Kelia Makes Planning Easier With Daily Lemon

While she has her sights set on being a well-rounded business owner, her overall plan entails focusing on her education and reaching a point where Daily Lemon is a physical stationery store, and she hopes to get more people involved in planning and organizing.

By Alexandra Daley



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