Kaci Fennell’s Revealing Carnival Costume Harshly Criticized!

A few weeks ago it was former Miss World, Lisa Hanna who sparked major controversy online after posting a picture of herself in swimwear on the beach.

Now it is Miss Universe Jamaica Kaci Fennell who is receiving harsh criticism from many for her choice of attire at Trinidad Carnival 2015.

Kaci Fennell carnival photo

Kaci Fennell carnival photo

Many seemingly believe her outfit of choice was highly inappropriate. Individuals wasted no time to share their views on various social media platforms.

Here are a few of their comments: (note- comments published in original form)

Lecroft Carridice

“Why she have to dress like that to gain some attention from you the public? Showing off your naked self don’t change what the world think?”

Camella Taylor

“Please don’t go out dressed like that… you are miss universe in the eyes of Jamaicans and that outfit in pubic is not becoming of any miss universe”

Cally Hayes

“oooh nooo please take this picture down asap. looks too sleezy like a street walker… this pic doesnt depict the classy Kaci that represented JA a few weeks ago”

Sassiebabe Johnson

“No that’s a lingerie girl. Pls don’t represent my country wearing that.”

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Was Kaci’s Carnival attire inappropriate for? Let us know in the comments.



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